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Developing a Tactical Keywording Framework

This four-part on-demand course looks at the role keywords play within creative businesses and provides creative teams with the practical skills required to apply conceptual keywords to content. We discuss keywords as part of the broader metadata model, how to harness and manage AI, and we review how real-life clients use Keywording tactics to create relevance and efficiency.

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  • Four detailed sessions on developing a tactical keywording framework, available to view on demand
  • Teaching by leading Keywording expert Clemency Wright
  • Each session is 75 minutes
  • Including 25 minutes of Clemency answering participant's questions on challenges they have faced


Fees for the 4 part course in US Dollars: $299. Click here to register

Fees for the 4 part course in Pound Sterling: £235+VAT. Click here to register

Clemency Wright introduces the series

Exclusive Excerpt from Developing a Tactical Keywording Framework

About the series

Search technology is constantly changing, but there remains one constant: users need relevant search results quickly.

Notice the emphasis is on relevance and speed. Not relevance or speed. The challenge is how can we provide the right results for our users at scale and at speed, without compromising on relevance?

This course takes a human-centred approach to Keywording whilst recognising the need to streamline operations, create efficiency and optimise metadata wherever possible.

Consider the following questions:

  • Are you curious or concerned about the ability for technologies such as AI to grasp contextual meaning in the same way a human can? 
  • How can you maintain search relevance and increase speed using the resources you already have?
  • Are you really optimising Keywords for your business across multiple platforms?

The aim of the course is to help you learn how to make the best of the resources at your disposal to ensure your users get the most from their search.


For a full breakdown of each session, please click here.

Session 1: Introduction to Keywording
Session 2: Tools and Resources
Session 3: Developing a Framework
Session 4: Keywording Workshop