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Diving into DAM: Exploring the ins and outs of maintaining DAM Systems, with Jennifer Pflaumer

DAM is a journey, not a destination. Come along for the ride as we explore techniques for managing the ongoing use and increasing growth of your DAM system. This deep dive into a set of important core DAM topics will provide tips for professionals, whatever their prior experience, to:

  • Manage key aspects of the DAM system
  • Ensure the DAM system is successfully adopted, sustained, and developed
  • Match the DAM system to the organization's ongoing business needs

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  • Four sessions available to view on-demand
  • A detailed exploration of the ins and outs of maintaining DAM Systems 
  • Teaching by DAM expert Jennifer Pflaumer, Principal, Paroo and featuring expert speakers from Amazon Prime Video, Zillow Group, Los Angeles Philharmonic, World Wildlife Fund and Carmax.
  • Each session is 75 minutes
  • Including 25 minutes of Jennifer answering participant's questions on challenges they have faced


Fees for the 4 part course in US Dollars: $299. Click here to register

Fees for the 4 part course in Pound Sterling: £235+VAT. Click here to register

Jennifer Pflaumer introduces the series


For a full breakdown of each session please click here

Session 1: The Art of User Engagement: Different Strokes for Different Folks
Session 2: Keeping the Lights On: Best Practices for Ongoing Use and Maintenance
Session 3: Making Connections: Knowing When and How to Make Integrations Work
Session 4: Lessons Learned: What We Wish We Knew