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Developing a Tactical Keywording Framework - Course Summary

Session 1: Introduction to Keywording
We’ll start with the keywording process and the role keywords play within creative businesses. We will discuss keywords as part of the broader metadata model.


Session 2: Tools and Resources
Next, we’ll look at search technology using AI as our case study. This is not a deep dive into AI tools or an endorsement of their application. Instead, we’ll focus on ways to harness and manage AI so that your “people” can confidently and effectively Keyword content themselves.


Session 3: Developing a Framework
This session is all about tactics. Having developed an awareness of the need for relevant Keywords, and an understanding of how technology can help, we will now consider potential tactics. We will review and assess these, consider the merits and disadvantages, and review how real life clients use Keywording tactics to create relevance and efficiency.


Session 4: Keywording Workshop
Always popular, the Keywording Workshop is a way to put your knowledge into practice, collaborate with other learners and share experiences. This is a live participatory event providing the opportunity to start testing out your tactics and develop your Keywording Framework.