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Creative Operations Masterclass Series
- Course Summary

Session 1: High Impact and Practical Solutions to Transform your Operations

The key to winning in creative organizations is simply to out-operate the competition.

This session kicks off the Masterclass Series with the fundamentals of strong creative operations, focusing on key concepts and how to master them. Sharing real-life learning from more than 60 marketing and creative businesses, including leading agencies and in-house teams such as Amazon, BBC, Specsavers and Tesco, this session will equip you with implementable insights and techniques to start the journey of transforming your operations.

Jim Hubbard, CEO, White Door


Session 2: How Tech Stacks Must Evolve for a New Era

Join research and advisory firm Real Story Group for a tour of two technology segments taking on increasing importance in this new environment. 

1) “Omnichannel Operations Hubs” seek to align campaign management with creative operations  
2) “Omnichannel Content Platforms” try to provide core services for assets, narratives, and data designed to be shared and tracked across channels  

Neither segment is especially mature. Nevertheless, creative operations leaders will want to track developments in both markets in order to influence enterprise technology decisions going forward. 

Jarrod GingrasManaging Director, Real Story Group


Session 3: How to Engage Key Stakeholders and Build Strategic Partnerships

The primary instruments of creative operations are people, process, technology, metrics and culture. The role of the creative operations leader is, like the orchestra conductor, to harmonize all of these elements. However, too often the needs of the musicians themselves are forgotten. 

Creative Ops leaders must partner with their stakeholders - from Creative to Marketing to Finance to IT to HR, and understand the purposes, goals and priorities of each of them. If the requirements of key stakeholders are not adequately reflected then your creative operations orchestra will be off-key and discordant.

In this session, Nish Patel uses anonymized mini-case studies to illustrate examples of poor and positive stakeholder engagement, the outcomes they led to, and lessons learned. 

Take away important, common sense, best practices that improve output and can be applied immediately. 

Nish Patel, Host, CreativeOps.FM


Session 4: Standardizing Operations: Freeing up Creative Talent

A common misconception is that optimized marketing operations will reduce creative freedom. Data driven marketing, standardizing processes, producing materials via templates and implementation of technology in the creation processes are activities that do not sound like they enhance creativity. However, by eliminating operational issues, standardizing the way of working, providing challenging insights and automating mundane and administrative tasks, creatives have more time and budget available to realize their creative ambitions.

In this session we explore the benefits of standardized creative operations, how to find opportunities in your organization, and guidelines to approach the standardization of operations so creatives have more creative freedom to apply their talent and skills.

Elisabeth KnulstBusiness Consultant, EMM Consultancy


Session 5: Getting the Most from Metrics: Creating Meaningful Reports and Dashboards - maximizing their human value

The foundations of any operation, including Creative Operations, is being able to predict, control, and report on the effectiveness of your team. Increasingly, CROPs leaders need to rely on data and metrics to drive decision-making across their operations whether it be to plan resources, create a budget, or understand performance.

In this session you will learn the best practices of data collection, analysis, and visualization using practical examples and templates. We'll review strategies and techniques on how to build out effective dashboards and focus on storytelling to reveal the “human value” of your operation.

Juliana VailHead of Creative Operations Production, Global, Farfetch


Session 6: Building a Culture for Success: Investing in and Focusing on Your People

In this session, we address the essentiality of people and how the culture you build directly impacts an in-house agency’s success.

Discussion topics include: building a winning mentality, selecting the right people for the right positions, the keys to building a successful in-house team, investing in your staff, giving your team members a career path, and mentoring and giving back.

Charlie BoryAVP Creative Operations, AT&T


Session 7: The Lifecycle of an Asset: From Request to Reporting 

The origination of enterprise content can be traced far upstream from the point at which a content producer clicks ‘new file’ in their creative application.

This session explores the roles, responsibilities and data relationships of and between Product Information Management (PIM), Enterprise Project Management (EPM), Studio Production Management (SPM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Content Management Systems (CMS) in the complete lifecycle of an asset, from concept to market distribution.

David IscoveCreative Technology Practice Lead, Cella