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Connecting DAM with the Enterprise, with Theresa Regli

Today, enterprises of all sizes struggle to connect their digital assets with both upstream and downstream applications. We all need a guide: to know the best practices, successes, and failures of DAM integration, in order to achieve our desired futures.

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Theresa Regli introduces the course

For a taste of what you can expect, check out this exclusive excerpt from session 1 of the series

About the series

This in-depth webinar series delves into the details of the hows and whys of DAM integration, and serves as an educational roadmap for connecting your DAM with the enterprise. 

The first three sessions focus on the upstream technologies that feed data into or work in tandem with a DAM: Product Information Management, Rights Management, Marketing Resource Management, Adobe Creative Suite, AI and auto-tagging services, and video and audio production tools. 

The second three sessions focus on downstream technologies that receive and distribute digital assets: Web and Mobile Content Management, Marketing & Campaign Automation, Social Media Publishing, Web to Print and Packaging, Video and Audio Hosting and Streaming, and E-Commerce. 

Furthermore, the series examines how customer relationship management and analytics should influence the entire end-to-end supply chain of digital assets. 


For a full breakdown of each session please click here.


"This was a fantastic insight into the DAM world, having spent the past 12 months learning about this world, this series has given me the tools and knowledge to go back to my organisation to implement new DAM processes, communicate to Senior management the resources required to make our DAM a success. An important phrase i took from it was that A DAM is not just a technical challenge to be improved, but requires the right resources to align, integrate and manage to make it a success. Theresa has a great way in presenting information on DAMS and is able to use her skills and wonderful knowledge to align to all different types of organisations. Her book is a great read too! I hope that this time next year we will have a successfully integrated DAM system!" 

Lynette Conlon, Tourism Northern Ireland

This series helped me to improve the knowledge of the costellation of the Application: DRM, PIM, MRM, MDM, DAM. It was very interesting to learn about the best practice on how to manage metadata, assets, rendition, etc.. 

Stefano Scargetta, Bulgari