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Connecting DAM with the Enterprise - Course Summary

Session 1: DAM Technology and its Touch Points

Where does DAM fit in the enterprise, and what systems does it typically connect to in different sorts of companies? What are the business drivers for those integrations? What is data orchestration, and why is it important for connecting DAM to the enterprise? This session sets the stage for the whole series.


Session 2: DAM and Creative Applications

In this session, we explore how DAM connects to creative workflow and production tools, and how this has evolved the creative process and overall operations for all channels, including video and audio.


Session 3: DAM Data Integrations

Typically, DAMs need to connect with systems such as Product Information Management, Collections Management, Rights Management, and Marketing Resource Management in order to fully facilitate marketing and production workflows. This session explores the nature of those integrations, as well as best practices for both human and AI-assisted metadata tagging.


Session 4: DAM and Marketing Automation

Digital assets are used across a myriad of marketing channels: the Web, mobile applications, e-mail, video channels, and social media. This session explores the use of digital assets in downstream digital marketing applications, covering integrations with WCM, campaign tools, and various social media channels.


Session 5: DAM and the Physical World: Print, Packaging, Collections and Commerce

Many digital assets are also destined for print channels: catalogues, packages, in-store signage. Yet the assets are managed digitally. How do digital assets connect to the offline world, and also to the digital shelf? We explore assets' downstream usage in both traditional and e-commerce, and look at how DAM can connect to physical archives.


Session 6: Building a Strategy for DAM Integration

Based on all you've learned in the prior sessions, it's now time to build a strategy. This session walks you through how to build a DAM integration strategy step-by-step, and you'll then be ready to make the case to your management to move forward.