Managing Video Assets from Production to Distribution, with Neal Bilow

Whether in advertising, brand engagement on social platforms, training, do-it-yourself or internal corporate communications, we have all seen the studies that show video truly wins the crown for engagement.

Of course, this brings its own challenges:

  • An increase in the complexity of managing assets
  • The need to produce more of the assets, ever faster, at higher quality, in multiple formats and versions for an always increasing number of outlets. All with suitable metadata
  • The challenges of storage, curation, archiving and reuse

And metadata and rights management must keep up and match every requirement. 

Those are the challenges. This series is about how best to meet them.

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  • Including time in which Neal answers participants' questions on challenges they have faced 


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Neal Bilow introduces the course

For a taste of what you can expect, check out this exclusive excerpt from Session 1


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Session 1: The Essential Foundations of Video Management
Session 2: Mastering “the information” of Video
Session 3: The Video Production Cycle - Operational Effectiveness
Session 4: Advanced Video Management and Governance