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Managing Video Assets from Production to Distribution - Course Summary

Session 1: The Essential Foundations of Video Management

  • The lexicon: CODEC and other key terms
  • How we got to where we now are: a short history of video and its explosive growth - from short-form to long-form and everything in-between
  • The other “video technologies” you need to know but don’t need to manage


Session 2: Mastering "the Information" of Video

  • The special challenges for video management in the metadata landscape
  • Descriptive, Structural and Administrative Metadata
  • The even more special challenges of rights and video management
    • A video can contain music, a script, talent, location(s), still images - all with separate rights - we cover best practices and how to avoid common pitfalls
  • How video assets and metadata fit into the larger content, product, and/or information cycles of the organization


Session 3: The Video Production Cycle - Operational Effectiveness

  • YouTube and TikTok are not broadcast television or a cinematic release – the implications
  • Video types - and the consequences of the differences and similarities among them
  • From concept to distribution - how video is made and its implications for DAM
  • The idea of B-Roll and Clips
  • Edit decision lists and how to use them
  • Video transformation and key partnerships to make this work
  • How do I manage that plain fact that our video has to work on dozens, if not hundreds, of different types of device?
  • Common challenges in legacy video management practices
  • Managing user-generated video


Session 4: Advanced Video Management and Governance

  • Review and Approval - advanced workflows in video
  • Accessibility - insights and best practices
  • The special challenges of foreign languages - rights and asset transformation
  • Governance challenges:
    • What if DAM or MAM are not enough
    • Media Orchestration as an innovation in assets working together
  • Forecasting future risks and plans for mitigation
    • Storage
    • Archival best practices
  • Talent management and staffing - unique challenges of video
  • Planning for persistent growth in video