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The Metadata Roadshow, led by John Horodyski

We all know that metadata is the key to unlocking the power of your content. It is essential to managing your content. It is the foundation of a profitable digital strategy that delivers a fully engaging consumer experience. DAM is nothing without metadata.

Fortunately, DAMs have matured to provide effective metadata management structures that administrators can configure with ease. Users need to take advantage of the options now available. 

DAM systems must empower data managers and administrators to:

  • Create effective, meaningful, controlled metadata for all departments, agencies, and users of  DAM and other content systems
  • Enable, deliver and enhance search operations to support content identification, use, and reuse by creatives 
  • Match the metadata to the technology
  • Create a common language in a controlled vocabulary
  • Ensure compliance enterprise-wide and bring processes into alignment
  • Manage and exploit the company’s content and knowledge

From designing a metadata model, to a controlled vocabulary and taxonomy, to workflow, roles, stewardship, and governance, metadata is critical to the business. The technology must make these goals achievable.

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About this series

In this series, moderated by John Horodyski and featuring many guest speakers, we’ll explore DAMs that are delivering the objectives of metadata. How technology is helping you to manage your metadata and digital assets easier and better. The series covers:

  • New approaches 
  • Best practices 

For metadata management, taxonomy organization, workflow, Artificial Intelligence (AI), collaboration, file naming conventions and UX / UI. There will be copious use of case studies and examples of real-world practice. Q&A sessions will form an important part of each session.

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