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Metadata Fundamentals, with John Horodyski

Metadata Fundamentals is a 4-part on-demand series focusing on the details of the how and why of Metadata in DAM, CMS, and all content systems, and how it serves as the foundation for managing content.

The focus is on metadata development as a strategic imperative when managing knowledge and content. Successful implementation of all content-related strategies requires good governance structures supported by competent technology, people and processes.

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  • Teaching by metadata expert John Horodyski, Managing Director, Salt Flats
  • Each session is 75 minutes
  • Including 25 minutes of John answering participant’s questions on challenges they have faced 


Fees for the 4 part course in US Dollars: $299. Click here to register

Fees for the 4 part course in Pound Sterling: £235+VAT. Click here to register

John Horodyski introduces the course

For a taste of what you can expect, check out this exclusive excerpt from Session 1


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Session 1: Fundamentals of Metadata Part 1
Session 2: Fundamentals of Metadata Part 2
Session 3: Metadata Development and Improvement - application and step by step enhancement
Session 4: Fundamentals of Taxonomy