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Keywording Creative Content - Course Summary


Session 1: Keywording Fundamentals

Starting with the basics, this session introduces the keywording process and the role keywords play within creative businesses. We will discuss keywords as part of the broader metadata model. This course explains how keywords work in backend systems, as well as on customer-facing search engines. The different types of organizations that depend on keywords to manage and store digital assets will be reviewed, and the implications of those differences identified.

Session 2: Keywording: Accuracy and Relevancy

This session defines two key features of keywording best practice: accuracy and relevancy. Each element will be defined and examined in detail using specific examples from live client projects.

Session 3: Keywording: Consistency

We’ll start by discussing what consistent keywording means, followed by an evaluation of the available methodologies used by organizations to achieve successful keywording strategies. We will focus on Taxonomy, Controlled Vocabulary, Hierarchy and specific tools and systems employed to implement, and manage these methodologies within your business.

Session 4: Keywording for Creatives

Developing on the themes of relevant, accurate and consistent keywords, this session explores the big challenges faced by creative content managers: how do you put into words the themes, ideas and concepts conveyed in your visual assets?  

  • How will your teams and users know what keywords to use to find content?
  • What happens when customers try to find content in your system and their search language is different to yours?  
The final session analyses these, and other challenges, and proposes actionable solutions.