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Keywording Content for Inclusion and Accessibility - Course Summary


Session 1: The Changing Landscape of Content Creation 

  • The main concepts behind today’s social & cultural landscape.
  • Trends
    • What the research reveals 
    • Global trends
    • Key changes and developments influencing content creation
  • Real world examples from advertising
  • What the future holds; how to respond:
    • Content creators 
    • Managers of digital content?


Session 2: Creative Content and Inclusion 

  • How language reflects and shapes society
  • How to ensure we are being inclusive in our Keywording, Brand Messaging and Content Creation 
  • The main challenges facing content managers
  • The responsibility we have to produce content that is representative and inclusive


Session 3: Creative Content and Accessibility  

  • The user search experience
    • Making search systems more accessible. From the user interface to the Keywords applied to images – it all affects the user experience
    • Insights from leading Accessibility Advocates on how to make content truly accessible in digital search systems by the application of Alternative Text and other methodologies


Session 4: Futureproof Keywording

  • Putting it all together: the content creation process end-to-end
  • The touchpoints, the framework, the new challenges and solutions that deliver “Futureproof Keywording”