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Implementing a Successful DAM Program - Series Summary

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Session 1: Define your DAM Roadmap and Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

It all starts with a shared DAM vision right across your organization. It continues by developing an iterative plan for deploying a DAM program. Both stages require a deep understanding of your organization's current asset management processes. Without that, you cannot determine what your ideal DAM future should look like. This session will walk through how to recognize and deal with the pain points in your existing asset processes and how to fill the gaps. Understanding the pain points and filling the gaps is fundamental to defining the optimal future state of your MVP, creating a phased roadmap for getting there and formulating a vision of subsequent development.  

Jon Christian, Founding Partner, OnPrem Solution Partners
Dave Liu, Principal, OnPrem Solution Partners

Session 2: Requirements Definition, Solution Evaluation, and Implementation Planning

With your roadmap defined, you can dive deeper into the features required for your MVP implementation. You can leverage your functional and technical requirements for a data-driven solution. You can evaluate and select the right DAM platform for your business needs.

Delaney Voogd, Senior Technology Strategist, Amazon Studios
Jon Christian
, Founding Partner, OnPrem Solution Partners
Tim Day, Principal Consultant, OnPrem Solution Partners

Session 3: Core DAM Implementation

A detailed collaborative approach is needed when setting up and configuring your MVP DAM. This session explores solutions in and for:

  • Defining the system and asset usage
  • Your metadata model
  • User and user groups
  • Security model 
  • Expected search behaviors
  • Transcodes
  • Single sign-on 
  • Workflows
  • Asset and metadata migrations

Mark Brightman, Director, Digital Technology, Hasbro
Tim Day, Principal Consultant, OnPrem Solution Partners
Mike Whang, Principal, OnPrem Solution Partners

Session 4: Change Management and On-going Acceleration In and For Your Business

The project does not end when the DAM technology goes live. This session covers:
  •  How to ensure successful user adoption 
  • Best practice change management 
  • Sustaining your DAM while onboarding new business units/territories and accommodating their required functionality.

Jon Christian, Founding Partner, OnPrem Solution Partners
Candice Lu, Founding Partner, OnPrem Solution Partners
Grace Jeng
, Director, Disney Media Entertainment

Session 5: Governance, Periodic Health Checks, and A Living ROI Model

How do you assess whether your DAM system is successful? How do you quantify the level of success? How do you know whether you have delivered your original vision? Did you follow the original road map (and does it matter if you did not)? In this session, we focus on building an interactive system-wide governance structure and an on-going ROI model suitable for reporting to top management and use in budget applications.

Nadeem Udaipurwala, Executive Director of Technology, Fox Corporation
Jon Christian
, Founding Partner, OnPrem Solution Partners
Tim Day, Principal Consultant, OnPrem Solution Partners