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DAM is at the Core of MarTech - Series Summary

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Session 1: DAM & MarTech Foundations

Start with a foundation, embrace the transformation and discover the value in content. You must get your digital house in order, know what your internal business units and external partners need, and understand how you will deliver assets today - and tomorrow - across multiple channels and devices. This introductory session will cover the fundamentals of DAM, MarTech, and Metadata which are the foundation for your MarTech strategy. Including:

  • What is DAM? 
  • What is MarTech? 
    • Overview of market 
  • Key Components – Overview of each technology and how it should connect to the DAM
  • Data as the Foundation 
  • People / Process / Technology / Data 
    • Metadata
    • Project Management (PM)
      - Why a PM?
      - How PM connects to the DAM
  • Data Collection
    • What are Data Collection Tools?
    • How can they be used?
    • How should they connect to the DAM?
  • Content Creation
    • Adobe Suite/Production Studios
    • Industry trends towards integration of tools
    • Pros and Cons of integration
  • Distribution
    • What distribution tools are on the market
    • Why connect to a DAM


Session 2: Technology Considerations

This session will outline the considerations you need to weigh when developing your MarTech strategy. This will include a review of your Creative Ops processes (including the evaluation techniques as well as the best practices for success) and the steps involved in a “current and future” state review of technology. Lastly, this session will cover the do’s and don’ts of the vendor selection process. Including:

  • Creative Ops processes
    • How to evaluate your current creative ops processes
    • How to identify where technology is needed
    • Avoiding the ‘Domino Effect’ of sunsetting technology
  • Current and Future State
    • Documenting your current state
    • Creating your future state roadmap
  • Technology Landscape
  • Vendor Selection Do’s and Don’ts


Session 3: Where to Start

This session will outline and explain step by step the “MarTech Checklist”, used to implement your strategy. The checklist details the data foundational-steps required to transition ideas into actions, the business goals, objectives, and team members required to make implementation work - as well as the smart way to get started. Including: 

  • MarTech Checklist
    1. Identify business goals, objectives, and drivers within the Team
    2. Current State Analysis
    3. Metadata and Taxonomy – The Data Foundation
    4. DAM 
  • Identifying your Team
  • Identifying business drivers and goals 
  • Stakeholder Identification
  • Current State Analysis
  • The Data Foundation – Taking a current data inventory
  • Smart Initiation
    • Identifying the proper team and place to start


Session 4: The Plan & Putting it all Together

When considering moving forward with a MarTech stack strategy, be mindful of the people, processes, and technologies that may influence the transformation you desire. Using DAM effectively can deliver knowledge and measurable cost savings, time to market gains and greater brand voice consistency — valuable and meaningful effects from your MarTech solution. This session will include an overview of final steps to put your MarTech strategy in place including: 

  • Integration
    • Data management and data flow between systems
    • User Experience within tools
  • Change Management 
    • Training your workforce to utilize your new stack
  • Governance
  • Analytics
    • Measuring ROI on your new Stack