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Mastering 'The Realm of Rights' - Course Summary

Session 1: Why Track Asset Rights?
  • What is the commercial purpose?  
  • Documenting what’s needed
  • Demonstrating return on effort. Estimating and justifying costs
  • The role of the DAM Manager
Session 2: Types of Rights Information
  • Term, Territory and Media
  • Documentation for Locations and Individuals (including minors)
  • Text, sound and visual
  • Real-world examples and the challenges they can present
Session 3: Going Deeper into the Rights
  • The many types of elemental rights that can pertain to an asset
  • Practical guidance on re-use of assets
  • Undertaking "risk assessment"
  • Standards and Best Practices in rights clearance
  • Granting and acquiring licence rights – jurisdiction and enforcement
  • How rights information can change – with and without being documented, before and after acquisition or disposal
Session 4: Can you Store Rights Information in your DAM?
  • How best to do it is the challenge
  • Who should be a stakeholder?  
  • How to evaluate alternative ways of working with your assets and rights information
  • Options to store and access rights information - simple and more advanced solutions - the pros and cons