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Metadata Fundamentals
- Course Summary


Session 1 - Fundamentals of Metadata Part 1

This introductory session covers the fundamentals of metadata from definitions and concepts to established standards and best practices. We learn how metadata is the “lifeblood” of a DAM. How it facilitates discovery, use, and reuse.


Session 2 - Fundamentals of Metadata Part 2

This session continues from the first and focuses on how metadata increases the return on investment (ROI) from DAM, CMS, and other content systems by unlocking the potential to ingest, discover, share, and distribute assets. 

A metadata Schema that targets the Workflow needs of your business and is supported by good Governance delivers competitive advantage. It delivers success at the bottom line. 


Session 3 - Taxonomy

This session covers the fundamentals of taxonomy and controlled vocabulary. Taxonomy provides the consistent and connected structure that powers your assets in the DAM. It supports and strengthens the brand. The best reasons for creating a taxonomy are that it:

  • brings business processes into alignment
  • is essential for meaningful information management
  • is fundamental for good search and findability.


Session 4 - Metadata Development and Improvement

This session focuses on applying the “Metadata Maturity Model” to your work. You will learn how to provide an agnostic framework through which to understand current use and priorities for discovery, accessibility and the preservation of content for the future.

The model’s five maturity levels form the benchmarks that create opportunities to discuss metadata development and improvement. 

This session will also cover relevant aspects of AI (Artificial Intelligence), and DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility).