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Managing Metadata for DAM in the Enterprise 
- Course Summary

Session 1: Fundamentals of Metadata

This introductory session will cover the fundamentals of metadata from definitions and concepts, to standards and best practices. We will also learn how metadata can be the “lifeblood” of a DAM and facilitate asset discovery, use and reuse.


Session 2: Advanced Metadata and Taxonomy

The best reason for creating and implementing a single, standard taxonomy across the enterprise is that it provides good business value. But more than that, it enhances and improves enterprise search and enables quick information discovery with your DAM. This session will help you realize that taxonomy provides the consistent and controlled vocabulary that can power your DAM.


Session 3: Metadata, Workflow, and ROI

This session focuses on how metadata increases the return on investment of a content system by unlocking the potential to ingest, discover, share and distribute assets. Every piece of content has the potential to be exploited for a variety of purposes. A metadata schema that includes administrative information allows for targeted access, meaning that the system can be used and manipulated by more users.


Session 4: Metadata Stewardship - Roles, Responsibilities and Governance 

Metadata and DAM is a human endeavor, and requires ongoing decision making that only human insight can provide. People, process and the technology. Data sharing, collaboration, AI and machine learning will play an important part in growth as business rules and policies will govern the ability to collect and analyze internal and external data. More importantly, business rules will govern an organization’s ability to generate knowledge, and ultimately value. This session will provide the fundamentals of governance for metadata, and the basics for starting a governance program for your organization. 


Session 5: Metadata and Search: UX / UI for CX (Customer Experience)  

Search is nothing without metadata as its power. Search is how we navigate data to procure content and hopefully extract the meaning and value we seek. The problem with enterprise search is corporate systems contain many different types of data, and not all of it is easy to search. So we need a good experience with UX and UI. It is designed to provide a fully engaging consumer experience because content drives brand… regardless of where it comes from and what it is, content is what is driving the DAM and more importantly, your brand. If DAM is a journey, then content is the road upon which you travel; metadata is the constant connection between your content, your people, process and technology. This session will cover the basics of search, and UX / UI for delivering a successful Customer Experience (CX) for your DAM and Metadata users.


Session 6: Building a Metadata Strategy 

Based on all you have learned in the prior sessions, it’s now time to build a strategy. This session will walk you through how to build a Metadata strategy step-by-step, and you will then be ready to make the case to your management to move forward.