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DAM Leadership - Course Summary

Session 1: Foundations of DAM Leadership

  • How to lead as a Product Manager
  • How to understand, define, and express DAM’s role
  • Understanding, defining, and communicating where you intersect and align with creative, product, and business operations
  • Developing “talent strategies” within the DAM discipline, and beyond


Session 2: Mastering DAM Information

  • Understanding how your assets and metadata fit into the larger content, product, and/or information cycles of the organization
  • Managing what you control within the integrated landscape of information and technologies that drives your business, and influencing successfully beyond that
  • Keeping DAM relevant and in demand
  • Understanding where rights information intersects with DAM
  • Mapping and understanding information flow (into and out of DAM)
  • Learning how to talk about the value of information
  • What skills are needed for successful DAM information management


Session 3: Operational Effectiveness

  • IT/Technology alignment and delivery, e.g.:
    • Service levels and support;
    • Disaster recovery and business continuity;
    • Update/upgrade vs. product replacement; and
    • Technology talent strategies
  • A broad range of metrics and measurements – operational and business
  • The always evolving larger content and integration landscape
  • Benchmarking, and how to define success criteria


Session 4: Presence, Governance, and DAM Executive Engagement

  • DAM advocacy, presence, and sense of value
  • Executive engagement – what, when, and how
  • DAM’s many roles in Risk Management
  • Risk management for DAM
  • Tactical, operational governance
  • Strategic governance for the business