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DAM Essentials: Technology and Practice - The Foundations
- Course Summary


Session 1: DAM in 2023: The Technology and The Practice

This session introduces the fundamentals of DAM in 2023, exploring the evolution of DAM technology from its origins to the present day, and how it differs from other marketing and content technologies. We’ll look at DAM core functionality, the features & functions that make DAM technologies unique today vs. when DAM was implemented in a silo. Perfect for newbies to DAM as well as those who need a refresher, this session will take apart the nuts and bolts of DAM technology. We'll look at modern examples of functions such as ingestion, storage management, media processing, transformation, transcoding, metadata management, collaboration, workflow, and reporting. Then we’ll look into more modern fundamentals of DAM, such as what it means to be “API-first”, easy to integrate, composable, AI-enabled, and application-oriented.


Session 2: DAM Implementation, Staffing, and Governance Scenarios: When, Where and How to Employ DAM

Beyond just implementing a technology platform or tool, you need to create a DAM program from the ground up. When and where to implement a DAM has evolved in recent years, and what’s required for success differs, too. While traditional applications of DAM for a photo library or brand management still stand as common needs, the scenarios for DAM implementations are far more wide and extensive than previously. This session will look at 15+ business scenarios for DAM in 2023 and beyond, and also explore different models of governance and staffing that’s required to be successful.


Session 3: Enterprise DAM, Content Hubs, and Powering the Customer Experience

The term "enterprise" is often bandied about without much clarity on what it really means. This session will explore what really defines an “enterprise” DAM in 2023, and how DAM's position in the enterprise has changed due its evolution into a content hub and marketing application engine. Unlike in the early days, DAM is now an engine for the customer experience. We will look at how DAM fits into the larger MarTech and CX digital stack, typical integration challenges, and the "holy grails" of the centralized marketing content dashboard and AI-powered automation.


Session 4: The DAM Vendor Marketplace, and How to Approach Selection, Upgrade, Replacement, or Renewal

The final session will build on the technology learnings from the previous sessions and features an overview of the current DAM vendor marketplace, and different categories of vendors and integration models. We’ll then walk through various methodologies for vendor selection depending on the size and scope of your implementation, and how to plan for replacing or upgrading your DAM system. We’ll also look into when you shouldn’t replace your vendor or toolset - and rather how to focus on people, process, and adoption for program renewal, better adoption, and higher ROI.