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DAM Essentials: Technology and Practice - The Foundations

4-Part Series
Digital Asset Management is an increasingly important and expanding discipline. The associated technology is proliferating rapidly. A common understanding of the foundations on which all else rests is essential. This four-part series takes apart the nuts and bolts of DAM. It covers what DAM is, how it really works, best practice, technology and how our organizations can reap its benefits.


Developing a Tactical Keywording Framework

4-Part Series
The original Keywording Creative Content course (2021) attracted people from a wide variety of organizations. The course was designed to be interactive, and the inclusion of quizzes and practical keywording exercises generated a lot of valuable feedback. This feedback has been used to inform the creation of a new revised and updated course, launching May / June 2023.


Managing Metadata for DAM in the Enterprise

6-Part Series
Today, enterprises of all sizes are becoming aware that metadata is critical in managing effectively an organization’s content, and is the foundation of a profitable digital strategy to deliver a fully engaging consumer experience.  This series will help you communicate your requirements and needs, whether you already have a DAM or are looking for one. 


Creative Operations Masterclass Series

7-Part Series
As Creative Operations continues to evolve as a discipline, there are key skills we need to master in order to ensure we are driving operational excellence and are ‘future-ready’. In seven expert-led sessions covering process, reporting, technology, culture-building and more you are best equipped with the tools needed for success.


Keywording Creative Content 

4-Part Series
This course provides creative teams with the practical skills required to harness conceptual keywords, optimize access to assets, and, as a result, target more customers with relevant content.


Mastering 'The Realm of Rights' 

4-Part Series
As a DAM Manager, are you finding that asset re-use is increasing and there are requests to use assets in new ways, for example in merchandising or promotions? Are you struggling to figure out the rights to assets in your system? Then this series is for you. This course covers common rights affecting all the different types of asset - from text to multi-media video, the secondary rights that may affect assets and restrict their use, and how to evaluate your need for a rights clearance process - and to establish whether you can "do it in the DAM"


Managing Video Assets from Production to Distribution

4-Part Series
Whether in advertising, brand engagement on social platforms, training, do-it-yourself or internal corporate communications, we have all seen the studies that show video truly wins the crown for engagement. Of course, this brings its own challenges and this series is about how best to meet them.


Selecting the Right DAM for the 2020s

4-Part Series
In this series, explore what is wrong with the traditional way of selecting DAM technology that often leads to bad choices. And discover a new, better way based on proven design thinking methodologies that will increase your chances of making the right choice for your organization.


Connecting DAM with the Enterprise

6-Part Series
Today, enterprises of all sizes struggle to connect their digital assets with both upstream and downstream applications. We all need a guide: to know the best practices, successes, and failures of DAM integration, in order to achieve our desired futures.


Implementing a Successful DAM Program

5-Part Webinar Series
In this series, moderated by Jon Christian and featuring many guest speakers, we provide an in-depth walk through of how to avoid pitfalls and how to implement a successful DAM program. We go from initial planning all the way through core DAM implementation to on-going DAM acceleration.


DAM is at the Core of MarTech 

4-Part Series
This comprehensive online series will focus on the five building blocks every MarTech stack needs: Project Management, Content Creation, Data Collection, Distribution, and DAM.


DAM Leadership 

4-Part Series
Setting strategic goals and sustaining day-to-day operations for DAM requires leadership. Plus: the discipline of DAM leadership covers a broad range - from a “team of one” representing DAM throughout the organization to direct management of a global operation. This on-demand course is for leaders and would-be leaders in asset management operations of all sizes, covering the key leadership best practices of DAM.


Keywording Content for Inclusion and Accessibility

4-Part Series

This course draws on detailed research and real-world case studies to provide guidance on content creation, management and distribution and the role imagery (rather than physical / environmental factors) plays in delivering Inclusion and Accessibility functionality. 


Diving into DAM: Exploring the Ins and Outs of Maintaining DAM Systems

4-Part Series

This course provides tips for professionals, whatever their prior experience, to: manage key aspects of the DAM system, ensure the DAM system is successfully adopted, sustained, and developed, and match the DAM system to the organization's ongoing business needs.


Design Thinking for DAM

4-Part Series

This course covers design thinking as an approach to solving business problems and the benefits of using this methodology to generate creative solutions - fast and at low-cost.


How to Build a Realistic DAM Roadmap for Your Enterprise

3-Part Series

In this series, we'll describe the different phases in an enterprise’s DAM journey and discuss strategies for getting the enterprise successfully to the next phase. We’ll discuss ways to convince management that a) this is a journey, not a project and b) help you determine what you need to be successful: in terms of the right technology and the right softer skills.


Preparing and Managing a DAM Migration

4-Part Series

In this course, attendees will learn how to identify and perform the required steps involved in planning and executing a successful enterprise-scale migration of creative assets.