Remember to check out our optional pre-event tutorials, these can be booked separately. They include:

  • Fundamentals of DAM: The Technology In-Depth
  • Fundamentals of Metadata for DAM Professionals
  • Taxonomy and Advanced Metadata for DAM
  • DAM Leadership - Achieving Growth & Establishing Leadership

Day 1Day 2

8:00 am


Breakfast Sponsored by:


PLUS new for DAM LA - Complimentary Breakfast Briefing (from 8am)

The Business Case for DAM

Everyone knows that a sound business case is crucial to any new initiative and without it, your DAM project won't even be considered. Join DAM specialist, Dan McGraw, President and Founder of Seven Dials Media, as he guides you through necessary steps for building a cohesive and sound business case for your DAM initiatives. This session covers how to identify the areas of greatest benefits associated with DAM, including targeting specific stakeholders, business processes, ROI values and most importantly, the little known strategies for successfully working through the corporate political climate. These topics and more will be highlighted in this lively session.


9:00 am

Chairman's Welcome

Conference Chair:
David Lipsey, Conference Chair


9:10 am

DAM and its Future for Broadcast, Media and Entertainment: An “Eye to the Enterprise” Executive Roundtable

If there were a “Dow Jones” for content consumption, the index would have skyrocketed since the advent of digital asset management.  Yes, certain “stocks” have been challenged – traditional packaging for books, music, television and movies come quickly to mind. But as we’ll hear from this panel “born digital” content now increasingly dominates enterprise workflows throughout the “content industries” and across multiple platforms.
Our maturity in putting DAM to work everyday continues to grow. Learn how leading companies accommodate new platforms, new market opportunities and an incessant growth in the number of assets they need to manage. Expectations for ease of use, and more and more workflows are common challenges for DAM Managers in all businesses and DAM is vital for creating the context for this content. And if there was a Moore’s Law to predict how digital assets will grow in number, this panel would prove that it under estimated! Hear how these industry leaders oversee – literally – the management of thousands of hours / pages of content every month; how they are thinking about such issues as ‘transcoding in the cloud’, ‘distribution anywhere’, ‘universal assets’, ‘thin apps versus thick apps, metadata, metadata, metadata, Search-as-a-Service, social networking’ and more. The panelists welcome your questions in this interactive session, and are curious to hear about your own digital conundrums!

Richard Buchanan, VP Engineering, Operations and Support, Comcast Wholesale
Veda Narayanan, Director, Enterprise Business Technology Creative & Product Development Systems, Disney Technology Solutions & Services, Disney
Jeffrey Odell, Project Manager, Information Systems, Lucasfilm Entertainment Company
Jeff Stevens, Vice President, Warner Bros. Digital Asset Management & Archival Strategy, Warner Bros. Technical Operations
JR Yasgur, Vice President, Advanced Media Planning & Management, Universal Music Group (UMG)


10:00 am

The Impact of New Meaning Based Computing on Understanding Rich Content – Why Does This Change How We Interact with Our Customers?

Recent advances now enable computers to extract meaning from images, video and audio content. This meaning based computing rewrites the rules of production of content and understanding of audience and customer reactions. Automation opens up new business models and efficient implementation of user generated content (UGC), social media, social television as well as new media types such as multichannel augmented reality. This revolution in technology brings that information to life and helps marketers, publishers, producers and broadcasters of rich content, including video and audio, to derive maximum value from the content and the interaction with the audience.

Jeff Cornelius, Ph.D., District Sales Manager, HP Autonomy


10:30 am



11:10 am

TRACK ONE - Hollywood Ballroom

Moderator: David H. Lipsey

New Approaches to Building an Effective Brand Strategy – What DAM has to Offer

Many of the world’s leading brand companies have much of their ‘digital house’ in order – their initial DAM initiatives are in place, and core brand assets are well managed. Now comes the next set of issues in putting these brand assets to robust use in the wider landscape of business operations. Our panelists address the evolving issues of integrating DAM with IMM (Integrated Marketing Management), packaging workflows, new media  campaigns, social media and a consumer world expecting personalized engagement and rich media assets, including as a part of customer service operations (“can I email you a picture”?).  . Our panelists will also comment on the need for the ‘digital housecleaning service’ – maintaining metadata, taxonomy, assimilating new formats, multi-tiered archival strategies to off-load little used assets, the impact of acquiring (or selling) brand assets for DAM, etc. With all of this, CMOs expect measurable results and actionable insights - the discussion will  explore how DAM supports this important conversation.

Kyle Hufford, Director of Digital Asset Management, Monster Energy
Reshma Kumar, Senior Manager, Visual Design, Symantec
Nathanial Taylor, Content Manager, Hasbro
Rick Zwicker, Director of Photography, AMC


TRACK TWO - Solano Canyon

Moderator: Dan McGraw

How to Select a DAM/MAM System: Best Practices, Pitfalls to Avoid, and a Look at the Market in 2013

In the market for a DAM or MAM system? Thinking about divorcing your current vendor? Looking for a better way to manage your brand, photo or video assets and wondering if there's an online dating site that will allow you to use the perfect algorithm - matching your needs to the best possible solution? This session is for you.
Rather than select a new technology based on a ratings spreadsheet or who your boss plays golf with, we'll look at a better path towards selecting DAM/MAM technology. You'll learn about the most important criteria when creating a short list, what should really be in that RFP, and how to plan a vendor demo that's useful to you. We'll talk about main differentiators between the two distinct segments of the market -- Brand & Digital Asset Management, and Broadcast & Media Asset Management -- to help guide you through the selection process: whether you're looking for a photo library or a broadcast management system.
Led by Real Story Group, a buyer-focused, vendor-independent research consultancy, this session will deal the straight dope on pitfalls to avoid and solid paths to follow.

Irina Guseva, Analyst, The Real Story Group


11:40 am

Using DAM Best Practices to Manage Video Workflows

DAM can deliver immense improvements in managing photos and print workflows, but what about video? It's clear that video is an extremely important marketing tool and something social networks and other communication channels want.  Is it possible to use the same DAM system for video as for print? What are the best practices for managing these assets as opposed to graphics or layouts? What are the challenges for the DAM librarian as well as the creative video professional? Who owns the metadata and where should the assets live? 

In this lively session, the presenters will unpack the growing trends, challenges and solutions of Media Asset Management (MAM) within the larger scope of a strategic DAM initiative and suggest how the two can ‘play nice’ together. And what happens when they don't!

Dan McGraw, Consultant
Tim Padilla, Sr Manager Media & Entertainment, Optimity Advisors
Craig Russell, Executive Director, Enterprise Operations, 20th Century Fox
Scott Frankel, President, Circle-S Studios, Berkeley, CA

12:30 pm


Lunch Sponsored by:


12.50 - 1.20

Technology Track: Enhance your learning
How can DAM Enable you to Better Connect
and Engage with your Audience?
A Conversation with Walmart
From North Plains Systems and Walmart

1.30 - 2.00

Technology Track: Enhance your learning
Work In Progress is DAM for Creatives
From GLOBALedit, Industrial Color Software


2:00 pm

How Creative and IT can Work Together

Why do so many IT and Creative projects fail - and what are some simple steps you can take to ensure success at your organization?

During this session, attendees will learn about the common challenges that IT and Creative teams experience when it comes to working together to innovate and implement new processes and systems. Attendees will learn about Creative and IT’s internal priorities and how each team can improve communication, project management and strategic alignment in order to achieve mutual business goals and happy stakeholders. Panelists will also share tips on how to form collaborative vendor partnerships and best ways to plan and implement solutions across the organization.

Christopher Grakal, Chief Executive Officer, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Lisette Azar, Photo Coordinator, CBS
Aaron Holm, Strategic Advisor, Industrial Color
Chris Witmayer, Director of Broadcast, Production & New Media Technology, NASCAR Media Group
Tim Padilla, Sr Manager Media & Entertainment, Optimity Advisors
Michael Kochman, Creative Director, Turner Image Management Group, Turner Broadcasting


How to Implement Change Management in your Organization

Hearing the word “change” within any business can create fear and uncertainty in the minds of people. This is especially true when these people are users of a DAM system. Change can be enlightening and beneficial however, if it's handled professionally and patiently. Beyond the vendor selection or new technology platforms, your DAM strategy must include a communication plan, support and other methods of managing change. Please join us for a dive into the intricacies and critical issues of user adoption, the various attitudes of users of a DAM system, the four critical teams essential for successful sustainability, and the concept of media therapy.

Case Studies will include:

This Time is the Charm: Digital Asset Management and RPA

Digital Asset Management has been a long time coming to Rubin Postaer.  While everyone was excited about having a central repository the organisation was still left with three major challenges:

  • How to take years of digital assets stored away in multiple areas and move everything into a single system (or not)?
  • How to position the DAM so it can successfully support multiple workflows making the approval processes more efficient and tightening turnaround times for disseminating assets to the creative teams
  • How to make the DAM attractive enough to entice the user base to jump (and remove the bad taste of previous attempts that went awry)

Stacey McKeever, Digital Asset Manager, Rubin Postaer and Associates will describe the successes, the pitfalls they fell into, the pitfalls they avoided, and how they’re that much stronger for having survived the experience.

Winning Hearts and Minds – the Art of Achieving Enthusiastic Endorsement

Mary Ann Williams, Digital Asset Manager at Guthy-Renker, explores how most users are highly change-adverse, so user adoption can be one of the most difficult aspects in DAM implementation. Nevertheless executive leadership often wants fast system adoption.  

Case studies in the art of achieving the delicate balance of fast implementation and winning support for change:

  • What has been shown to work - adopting a more relaxed, organic process
  • What happens if you ignore the organizational psychology
  • When quantitative data is not enough – the role of qualitative assessment
  • Less traditional approaches that have been shown to have better long term success
  • Adopting a ‘therapeutic style’ – when, why and with what results

Dan McGraw, Consultant
Stacey McKeever, Digital Asset Manager, Rubin Postaer and Associates
Mary Ann Williams, Digital Asset Manager , Guthy-Renker


3:00 pm

Investigating Opportunities and Threats Surrounding the Use of Public Cloud IaaS and PaaS in an Enterprise DAM SaaS Offering

Enterprise class DAMs and related digital media workflow technologies have become a necessity for most media-based businesses even though most enterprises are reliant on on-premises solutions. This panel will discuss trends towards public cloud-hosted solutions and will explore many of the associated opportunities and threats.  Panel members will dive into an in-depth consideration of security risks, system availability, scalability, performance, disaster recovery and the costs involved in adopting best-in-class functionality.

Graham Allan, EVP, Operations & Consulting, KlarisIP
Jon Christian, AVP, Digital Asset Management Practice Lead, Cognizant
Ben Masek, Senior Vice President, Digital Media Group, Sony Pictures Technologies
David Sugg, Technical Solutions Architecture and Digital Media Engineering, Warner Bros. Entertainment


Advancement of MAM - Unlocking the Value of Content

This session will review how MAM is used beyond cataloging, search, storage and archive.  How has MAM changed the business and how will it influence future operations.

Jason Salyards, Product Line Manager, Harris Automation and Digital Asset Management
Steve Simonian, Vice President of Software Engineering, Fox Networks Engineering and Operations
Blake White, Director, Entertainment, Media & Communications , PricewaterhouseCoopers


3:40 pm



4:20 pm

ROUNDTABLES: Practical Problems and Everyday Challenges - Adapting DAM to Everyday Working Life. What are the Building Blocks that make for a Successful Integration of DAM into your Organization?

A special invitation:

Building community is core to our conferences.  Please join us and your peers in developing a great network created by our highly regarded Roundtables. In LA we continue our series of community discussions on The Practical Problems and Everyday Challenges in DAM.  

These breakout sessions – that have continued from Los Angeles to New York City to London to Chicago and now back to LA are moderated by a distinguished panel of thought leaders. In these small group sessions share your insights and acquire front line knowledge of the current ‘state of the art’.  Discover the problems you share and how others have solved them. Compare visions of the future - what’s on the horizon and what’s just over it.

ROUNDTABLES - a highlight of DAM LA.

David Lipsey, Conference Chair
Rich Carroll, Technical Consultant, IO Integration, Inc.
Lauren Dohr, Senior Process Manager, Viacom
John Horodyski, Partner, Optimity Advisors
Dan McGraw, Consultant
Jitin Agarwal, Venture Leader, Cognizant assetSERV


5:30 pm


Sponsored by:

This will be followed by an informal meetup from 7pm at Yamashiro (1999 Sycamore Avenue, LA) with our friends at the SoCal Digital Asset Managers MeetUp Group. 


6:30 pm











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