Creative Production New York 2024

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We are delighted to announce second annual ‘Creative Production New York’ conference - dedicated to The World of Creative Production.

Join us in person on May 16 for the return of this conference dedicated to Creative Production as we explore “The Power of Change”. With the creative landscape evolving rapidly, we find ourselves at a crucial moment, considering the transforming role and immense potential of Creative Production as a core pillar of the creative process.

“The Power of Change” is not only a reflection of the rapid evolution in the industry but also a call to action to proactively lead and thrive amidst these shifts.

Creative Production New York 2024 invites you to network with peers and join industry experts who will delve into how embracing change can elevate effectiveness, efficiency and creativity at every stage of execution and creation of content. Sessions will explore strategies, case studies, and innovative approaches that will empower you to navigate and leverage change as a force for positive transformation.

Topics covered will include:

  • Moving the dial to deliver in a sustainable way
  • Dynamic control of hands-on production work to create multi-channel assets
  • Achieving DEI goals
  • Embracing innovation and technology
  • Production at the top table
  • Effective resourcing

And there’s more! Co-Located Events covering Creative Production, Design Operations, Photo Studio Operations and Creative Operations.

To enable us to bring you more in-depth content and allow you to network with even more of your peers, alongside Creative Production New York 2024 we are hosting three further events for the creative industry, all held under one roof on May 16. 

Choose to join us at:

Register for one event or select our exclusive Access All Areas Pass to join all four events. Register now.

What others say

The HS Creative Production event introduced me to new ideas and the suppliers who could help bring them to life.

Claire Piipponen

Creative Production provided a great platform for learning, exchanging ideas and networking.

James Levin
Stony Brook University

HS Creative Production events provide me with the opportunity to meet creative minds from different fields, facing similar everyday working process realities.

Robert Kot