It is beyond dispute ‘corporate advantage is often based on how data is collected, held and analyzed’. We live in a data world with machine learning and AI increasingly at its heart. There is an urgent need for practical business-focused education and guidance exercises on how multiple, interlinked taxonomies can be used to form knowledge graphs that ensure the utility of data resources - and, more efficiently and effectively, apply them to deliver competitive advantage.

In this conference, leading practitioners from multiple sectors share what they have done, the challenges they encountered, the solutions they deployed, and what they believe the future has in store.


  • Taxonomy development and management
  • Enhancing taxonomies to create ontologies
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • Applying NLP, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Changing Roles of Data Specialists

An essential one day briefing for data managers on the tools and approaches necessary to compete in the age of AI. For all Information Professionals, DAM Managers wanting to learn more, Data Managers, Knowledge Organisers, Data Architects, Taxonomists, Ontologists.