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The Student Accommodation Market

Demand, Finance and Values

What’s the same, what’s changed and what will change following COVID-19

An online series of briefings led by specialists from Cushman & Wakefield, the leading international property consultancy:

  • Sarah Jones, Partner, Public Sector Advisory Team, UK Consulting
  • Andrew TC Smith, Partner and Head of Public Sector Advisory Team, UK Consulting
  • David Feeney, Partner, Student Accommodation Advisory
  • George Dyer, Partner, Student Accommodation Capital Markets

This series examines how the delivery of Higher Education and ‘the student experience’ may be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic both in the short and longer term and the implications for the student accommodation market. 

The potential impact of unprecedented new challenges will be analysed, both in the UK and worldwide. The university and higher education sector must adapt to meet these. 

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  • Five detailed sessions full of hard data and expert interpretation
    • Sources and nature of student demand and how they are changing
    • Resilience of local markets and institutions; institutional responses
    • The policy context and its implications
    • Property market impact, market trends, capital values, income and yields, investment appetite and who’s investing, sources of funding for new build, refurb and upgrading and the very significant issue of portfolio planning
  • No important area will be overlooked and there will be extensive use of case studies to demonstrate the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of projects

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Fees for the 5-part course: £299 + VAT. Click here to register. 

About the series:

Student accommodation has been a success story for years and is now established as an important ‘alternatives’ property sector.  It remains an asset class of value and interest – will the success story continue?  Perhaps more so than ever, there are many issues that must be addressed without delay, including:

  • The immediate and longer-term responses to Covid-19 – the impact on academic activity, community living and the demand for a traditional student experience
  • The challenges in the coming year on intake - domestic entrants and overseas (particularly the risk of far fewer Chinese students)
  • Emerging policy context
  • Institutional and local property market ‘winners’ and ‘losers’
  • The increased importance of access to state-of-the-art online technology.  Will universities’ investment priorities move to supporting a virtual or instantly optionally virtual community?  What then are the implications for Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)?

This online series is designed for providers of university housing and onsite campus accommodation, higher education estate directors, private sector investors, developers, banks and other financiers, planners, advisors and consultants.


Session 1
Data – the story so far, impact on demand, institutions and policy response, where we are and what the future holds
Capital values, income, yields and growth

Session 2
The university perspective – changes to their approach
Values of assets: risks and opportunities

Session 3
Public/Private delivery: delivered through partnerships in the post COVID-19 market

Session 4
Sources and terms of funding and drivers of engagement – now and looking forward
The increasing role of technology and digital 

Session 5
Investor appetite
Management decisions, strategies and challenges