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Office Design and Space Planning (in the Hybrid Era)

There has been a sea change in our relationship with the office. For many of us, work is no longer somewhere you go but something you do. This series of briefings analyses the implications of the change and how to respond to it. What the change means for office design and use and how to ensure that the workplace effectively supports employees working ‘hybrid’.

The course is for everyone responsible for implementing hybrid working, delivering hybrid working policies, managing hybrid working space, and scoping out office layouts including Office Managers, Facilities Managers, Estate Managers, Architects, and HR and Workplace professionals.

The course covers the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the workplace, the opportunities that have been created and the benefits of adapting your workplace to the new reality. 

Key learning outcomes include: 

  • The impact of COVID-19 on how we work. 
  • The importance of the workplace for employees’ morale, wellbeing and productivity. 
  • An understanding of the changing purpose of the office and how it can best support hybrid working. 
  • How to fully understand the activities performed in your office and design space that supports those activities. 
  • Different furniture typologies: their functions and how they support different activities. 
  • How to promote employee health and wellbeing in and away from the office. 
  • Understanding all the elements required for an effective hybrid working strategy.

The series:

  • No important area will be overlooked – all interpretation will be practical and relevant to real sites using illustrative examples
  • Three ​sessions of 75 minutes each, including answers to questions from participants on the challenges they are facing and on the opportunities being created

Pricing and how to register
Fees for the 3-part course: £299 + VAT. Click here to register. 


For a full breakdown of each session please​ click here.

Session 1: Hybrid Working and Workplace Design
Session 2: Developing a Hybrid Working Strategy that Works for You
Session 3: Designing for Wellbeing - the Employee-centric Workplace