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Session 1: Data – the story so far, impact on demand, institutions and policy response, where we are and what the future holds

  • The story so far
  • Research: the statistics and the insights they reveal
  • Trends and predictions
  • Demand analysis – understanding the market, components of demand
  • Market drivers and engines of change
  • Emerging and new patterns in student estate provisioning
  • Institutional response
  • Provider/investor/developer response
  • Policy response – thoughts on what may come to be

Capital values, income, yields and growth

  • Real world case studies of values, yields, growth and the selection of sectors and regions
  • ‘Winners and losers’ – cities, towns, and universities/colleges – what investors and institutions need to know
  • Implications of the Government’s expansion of the money supply and the ultra-low Bank of England interest rate
  • How major investors react to shocks like COVID-19 and lessons from past events
  • Anticipating the future

Session 2: The university perspective – changes to their approach

  • Recent history – responding to the immediate crisis – lessons learnt
  • Responding to changes in demand
  • Emerging policy context – taming the ‘competition agenda
  • Winners and losers
  • Impact on priorities, changes in approach to delivery of student accommodation
  • Property market consequences

Values of assets: risks and opportunities

  • The importance of student accommodation to the ‘student experience’
  • The demand for flexible social, study and living space
    • What students need
    • What students expect
    • What students want
    • What universities should aspire to provide
  • Portfolio planning – the need to create and invest in ‘fit for purpose’ accommodation that meets current needs and is future proofed

Session 3: Public/Private delivery: delivered through partnerships in the post COVID-19 market

  • The options for university/private sector delivery
  • Pre-Covid-19, emerging trends and statistics
  • Shifts to underlying demand dynamics and knock-on implications for property
  • Post-Covid-19 – what might change
  • Winners and losers
  • HEI perspective – delivering new stock, releasing value from existing stock – expert insight and conjecture on changes in the market
  • Providers, Developers and Funders’ perspectives – getting the risk and reward balance spot on – targeting value in the future
  • Real world case studies: transactions and market evidence analysed, drawing lessons for the future
  • Current activity – who is partnering with whom and why; who might partner with whom and why?

Session 4: Sources and terms of funding and drivers of engagement – now and looking forward

  • Recent history – a decade of expansion
  • Macro-economic factors
  • A shifting policy context – expert insight and conjecture
  • Sources of finance for development and investment – what has changed?
  • Terms – duration, cost – attitude to risk
  • Equity and investment funding – providers and their anticipated returns
  • Management contracts – agreements, capped rents and direct let
  • Implications of increases in the money supply and ultra-low interest rates

The increasing role of technology and digital 

  • Who wants what and why, who will want what and why
  • What it costs to provide
  • What it does for demand – capital values, income and yields
  • Challenges for management and the costs of remaining ‘state of the art’ 

Session 5: Investor appetite

  • Comparisons with other sectors:
    • Build to rent
    • Care homes
    • Retirement and social housing
    • Perceptions of risk

Management decisions, strategies and challenges 

  • Delivering a vision of ‘accommodation in support of education’
  • When to refurbish/upgrade
  • When and how to ‘rationalise’
  • Options to repurpose
  • Transition to workplace accommodation
  • Real world case studies of what’s been done and what’s planned