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Hotel Management, Franchise and Finance Agreements After the Pandemic

Agreements made before the pandemic must be revisited either to agree alternative arrangements for a limited period to support recovery or amended to address the long-term consequences of the pandemic.

New agreements must reflect what we learnt – who bore the risks and costs of unexpected major disruption.

At the same time agreements for the future must include terms that reflect where the costs of climate change will fall and who will finance and bear them.

This three-part online series, chaired by Jane Lees, Executive Director and Head of Hotels Valuation EMEA, CBRE Hotels comes at a time when gaining a comprehensive industry-wide perspective is difficult and the risks are enormous. It’s a series for all hotel owners and operators; representatives of brands and franchisers; banks and other lenders; their agents and advisors.

It’s been very difficult and, as many bankers will confirm, the post-recovery phase can be the most dangerous. It is when those with the best security can realise their investment and leave others, lower in the stack, to struggle.

The series:

  • In three detailed sessions, this series covers:
    • Existing agreements – the challenges and potential solutions
    • How dispute mechanisms are being used and how well they are holding up
    • Current practice on budgets and projections
    • How staff issues are being handled 
    • Major differences between the various operating structures and the crossover between them with interesting new operating structures emerging for owners
    • The likely look of future agreements
    • Lease structure changes and the impact on values
    • Terminating early – consequences and considerations, and the many legal complications that often fall through the net
    • Licencing, royalties, and spa agreements
    • Debt, funding, and transactions
    • Looking for opportunities
  • Sessions of 75 minutes each

Pricing and how to register

Fees for the 3-part course: £299 + VAT. Click here to register. 


For a full breakdown of each session please click here.

Session 1: Existing agreements: the challenges and potential solutions 

Session 2: Arguing frustration and termination for cause including pressure points: licencing, royalties and other agreements entered into

Session 3: Debt, funding, and transactions – what’s happening on the ground