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Session 1: 

Existing agreements: the challenges and potential solutions

  • The operating model might have been right then but is it right now and will it be right in the future?
  • ​Major differences between leases, hotel management agreements and franchises – and the continuing evolution of operating models in the hotel sector

           ​o Management agreements
           o Franchise agreements
           o Finance agreements
           o The crossover between agreements
           o Interesting new operating structures emerging for owners

Agreements in future: what will be different, what’s the market telling us and where’s it heading

  • Flexible or short term
  • Exit on sale
  • Third party operator agreements
  • New operators … current terms … what’s being negotiated now

Chair: Jane Lees, Executive Director and Head of Hotels Valuation EMEA, CBRE Hotels
Philip Camble, Director, Whitebridge Hospitality Ltd
Giordano Nicoletti, Senior Director, CBRE Hotels

Session 2: 

Arguing frustration and termination for cause including pressure points: licencing, royalties and other agreements entered into

This session will look at the hurdles encountered during the lifetime of an agreement and the common legal complications, problems, and pitfalls. It will look at interpreting fiduciary duty and searches for potential claims for damages and, when termination is the best option, what happens on exiting early and with what consequences for whom.

It will examine what the big players are doing, what the market is telling us about licencing, royalties, spa and service agreements and what value, if any, is put on brand and brand performance including:

  • Agency vs Independent Contractor
  • Franchisors as deemed employers
  • Third party managers
  • Portfolio Management Agreements
  • Insurance, post-Covid
  • Rewriting Performance Tests, Force Majeure Clauses, Owner Approval Clauses for a changed world
Chair: Jane Lees, Executive Director and Head of Hotels Valuation EMEA, CBRE
Speaker: Dan Larkin, Partner, Fisher Broyles

Session 3: 

Debt, funding, and transactions – what’s happening on the ground
  • How is the weight of capital impacting pricing?
  • Underwriting in the post-pandemic era
  • Who is out there lending and what are they looking for?

Leases, lease terms and implications for values in a post-Covid world

Opportunities – there are always opportunities when recovery from major disruption gets under way

Chair: Jane Lees, Executive Director and Head of Hotels Valuation EMEA, CBRE
Aurel Barkowski, Associate Director, CBRE Hotels Advisory Services
Hilton Foster, Debt Finance Director, OakNorth Bank
Saar Sharon, Director and Head, Hotel Capital Markets, Colliers