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The HS Property Hub is the prime location for informed opinion on property matters. We are proud to bring you our range of expert-led online courses. Watch the sessions anywhere, any time with on-demand access. 

There are two options for purchasing access to the courses:

  • Individually at £299 + VAT (RRP). Register here
  • As part of the On-Demand CPD Package of 13 on-demand courses, available at £1,249 + VAT (RRP). Register here.

Special on-demand package prices also available on enquiry for team bookings. 

On-Demand CPD Package includes access to 13 courses: Service Charges in Property Management • Property Development Appraisals • Sustainability in Real Estate • An Introduction to Property Development • Industrial - the past, present and future • Joint Ventures - Structures, Documentation and Terms • Office Design and Space Planning (in the Hybrid Era) • Tax Relief Tips • Cladding • The Art of Assessing the Planning Potential of a Site Before Making an Application • The Future Shape and Structure of Primary Care Property • Petrol Filling Stations - Now and the Future • Repurposing Obsolete Real Estate

Service Charges in Property Management

4-Part Series
Legal and Practical CPD for 2024. This course equips you with vital legal and practical knowledge covering the latest thinking, practice and policies impacting service charges for commercial, residential, and mixed use property. It tackles real problems that arise time and time again in drafting leases and in day-to-day management and brings you up to date with current best practice. 

Property Development Appraisals

4-Part Series
Covers Residual Valuations, Development Appraisal and Diminution in Value arising from restrictions on development e.g.: Rights of Light. It progresses from simple to highly complex examples, starting from first principles to ensure a better understanding of the questions to ask, the information and data required, where to obtain it and the right ways to evaluate the answers.

Sustainability in Real Estate

3-Part Series
This is a three-part online course on sustainability in real estate – what are the challenges we face and why should we care? Challenges that have implications for all aspects of real estate – specifications, development, occupation, investment, and funding.

An Introduction to Property Development

4-Part Series
This is an ideal series for everyone who needs a quick, reliable briefing on property development and wants to identify the pitfalls and problems BEFORE the problems find them. Suitable for developers, planners, landowners, construction and project managers and their wider teams, as well as their legal and real estate advisers.

Tax Relief Tips - for property developers, owners and occupiers 

2-Part Series
This series is about navigating the complex world of property taxation to make use of statutory allowances as they are intended to be used and undertaking transactions in ways that can help to identify available reliefs, complying with the legislation and current guidance.

Industrial - the past, present and future

3-Part Series
This series examines in detail what has driven the surge in demand, trends expected to drive future demand and the growing importance of ESG in the industrial sector. It has been designed for developers, investors, funders and occupiers.

Joint Ventures - Structures, Documentation and Terms 

4-Part Series
This series, delivered by James Wilkinson (Partner, Global Corporate Group) and his team at Reed Smith, examines joint ventures, the important role they play in real estate, the many forms they take and the documentation required to give them effect.

Repurposing Obsolete Real Estate 

4-Part Series
In this online series of four briefings chaired by Amanda Reynolds, Founding Director and Architect, Urbanist, Masterplanner, AR Urbanism, we’ll hear contributions from experts on the opportunities presented by the need to repurpose many pubs, petrol stations, retail and department stores, high street banks, commercial office blocks and hotels.

Cladding - The Implication for Valuation

3-Part Series
This is a clear-thinking guide to how to value before the works are done, while the works are being carried out and after the works are completed. It also provides guidance on how the cost of the works should be estimated and who is likely to have to meet the cost and in what proportions. For all estate agents, valuers, surveyors, lawyers and substantial property owners.

The Art of Assessing the Planning Potential of a Site Before Making an Application

3-Part Series
This detailed three-part online series provides practical tips for developers, investors and professionals who own a development site, or are considering purchasing or investing in one and are trying to understand the planning potential of the site and any value uplift they might be able to achieve.

The Future Shape and Structure of Primary Care Property 

3-Part Series
Investment in primary care has been solid. However, after the unprecedented event of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, what will investment be moving forward? This updated online series is designed for all medical practice owners and practice managers, investors, funders, primary care estate directors, financial and legal advisors to the primary healthcare sector, planners and agents. 

Petrol Filling Stations - Now and the Future Shape and Structure

3-Part Series
This three-part series analyses what is driving the market for petrol filling stations. Why is there so much interest in site development and acquisition in the face of apparent growing sales of electric vehicles (EVs) and other alternative fuelled vehicles (AFVs)?

Office Design and Space Planning (in the Hybrid Era)

3-Part Series
This series analyses the implications of the changes in our relationship with the office, how to respond to those changes and how to ensure that the workplace effectively supports employees working hybrid.