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The HS Property Hub is the prime location for informed opinion on property matters. We are proud to bring you our range of expert-led online courses. Watch the sessions anywhere, any time with on-demand access. Choose from:

An Introduction to Property Development 

4-Part Series
This is an ideal series for everyone who needs a quick, reliable briefing on property development and wants to recognise the pitfalls and problems BEFORE the problems find them. Suitable for developers, planners, landowners, construction and project managers and their legal and real estate advisers.

Introduction to Property

8-Part Series
An invaluable eight-part briefing to the Property World and what it is all about. Designed for everyone in an administrative or support position who needs to know more about property, and all those new to the world of real estate.

The Documentation of Commercial Property Development

4-Part Series
It covers the documentation that governs the relationships between developers and landowners, investors and lenders, tenants and purchasers, and contractors. No important area will be overlooked – all interpretation will be relevant to real-world market conditions. This series is ideal for all property developers, investors, funders, their solicitors, agents and advisors. 

Property Development Appraisals

4-Part Series
This online course covers commercial, residential, and mixed-use property developments. It advances from initial 'back of an envelope' calculations to viability studies with sensitivity analysis and detailed cash flows, taking full account of current market conditions.

Industrial and Logistics Warehousing

3-Part Series
This series of three detailed briefings examines what’s happening in the industrial and logistics warehousing market, trends in the short and longer term and the supply, demand and key drivers fuelling investment in this asset class.  

Party Walls, Rights to Light, Daylight and Sunlight

5-Part Series
This online series explains the legal minefield and provides a practical interpretation of how the important issues surrounding party walls and rights to light should be handled appropriately. It looks at the latest important case law and how the decisions are interpreted.

Primary Healthcare Property

4-Part Series
This series discusses how the delivery of primary care has been dramatically changed since the pandemic and what the impact of these changes will be to the sector both in the short and longer terms. 

Complex Lease Terms 

4-Part Series
This series of briefings examines the very real challenges in the current commercial property lease market. It looks at common pitfalls in the initial negotiation of Heads of Terms from both a landlord’s and tenant’s standpoint, including negotiation and drafting taking into consideration the very real implications that COVID-19 has had so far on the drafting of leases. 

Service Charges in Property Management 

4-Part Series
This online series of in-depth briefings seeks to appraise both the legal and practical issues commonly encountered in practice.  An ideal course designed for property managers, managing agents, residents' companies and lawyers responsible for drafting and negotiating leases.

Joint Ventures - Structures, Documentation and Terms 

4-Part Series
This online market briefing, led by James Wilkinson (Partner, Global Corporate Group) and his team at Reed Smith, examines joint ventures and the important role they play in real estate, covering their many forms as well as the documentation required to give them effect. 

The Planning System - Series 1

5-Part Series
A comprehensive online educational series focusing on key topic areas currently impacting the planning system. Including: what’s the same; what’s the short- and medium- term implications of COVID-19 on the planning system; Brexit; influential case law and policy changes; CPO and DCO case law and policy developments. 

The Planning System - Series 2

4-Part Series
A comprehensive on-demand series of briefings chaired by Trevor Ivory, UK Head of Planning at DLA Piper UK LLP, with contributions from leading planning specialists. The focus of these briefings is on deregulation of planning policy, the salient White Paper changes and the opportunities being created in the build, build, build resurgence.

How Much is my Hotel Worth NOW? 

5-Part Series
It is time for hard facts, clear thinking and good planning. This online market briefing examines: demand; who’s buying; who’s selling; what’s happening with values, managing the asset; what’s changed and what will change following COVID-19.

Nursing and Care Homes: Values and Finance 

4-Part Series
This series of four detailed on-demand briefings examines what’s happening on the ground in the nursing and care home sectors and studies trends in the market, supply and demand, values and available funding options. It provides hard facts on who’s buying what, who’s developing where and why, and particularly the challenges for both landlords and tenants in the current market.

UK Property Finance - from whom, for what

4-Part Series
As we, hopefully, perhaps joyfully, emerge from the pandemic and survey the property scene we ask who is lending, for what purposes and on what terms. It’s time to pick up the pieces and to do that we need hard data. This is the briefing that provides the data.

A Guide to Site Finding

4-Part Series
This series of briefings focuses on the art of site finding and on buying land for potential development – the ‘how to do it’ analysis, the important points to consider during the land acquisition process and everything in-between, from understanding the planning process through to option agreements and contracts.

Repurposing Obsolete Real Estate 

4-Part Series
In this online series of four briefings chaired by Amanda Reynolds, Founding Director and Architect, Urbanist, Masterplanner, AR Urbanism, we’ll hear contributions from experts on the opportunities presented by the need to repurpose many pubs, petrol stations, retail and department stores, high street banks, commercial office blocks and hotels.

Dilapidations Essentials

3-Part Series
Designed to bring you completely up-to-speed on the often complex and grey areas of dilapidations, the series looks at landlord and tenant rights and obligations and highlights the key means of ensuring successful dilapidations management, including important legal requirements and case law. 

Hotel Management, Franchise and Finance Agreements After the Pandemic 

3-Part Series
This three-part online series, chaired by Jane Lees, Executive Director and Head of Hotels Valuation EMEA, CBRE Hotels comes at a time when gaining a comprehensive industry-wide perspective is difficult and the risks are enormous. It’s a series for all hotel owners and operators; representatives of brands and franchisers; banks and other lenders; their agents and advisors.

Tax Relief Tips - for property developers, owners and occupiers 

2-Part Series
This series is about navigating the complex world of property taxation to make use of statutory allowances as they are intended to be used and undertaking transactions in ways that can help to identify available reliefs, complying with the legislation and current guidance.

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