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Sustainability in Real Estate

What is the true definition of sustainability and why is it critically important? This is a three-part online course on sustainability in real estate – what are the challenges we face and why should we care? Challenges that have implications for all aspects of real estate – specifications, development, occupation, investment, and funding.

Covering what everyone in real estate needs to know – why it matters, who it impacts and what to do about it.

Relevant for developers, investors (including asset managers), funders, owners and occupiers; their agents, lawyers, surveyors, architects, and advisors.

The series:

  • Practical examples are presented throughout the course to illustrate how informed, considered, and appropriate decisions can be made

Pricing and how to register

Fees for the 3-part course: £299 + VAT. Click here to register.


For a full breakdown of each session please click here.

Session 1: ‘Sustainability’: what it is, what it affects and why it matters.
Session 2: Sustainability and the built environment.
Session 3: Implications for people: occupiers of buildings, real estate professionals.