Festival of Creative Operations 2023

Co-located with the Photo Studio Operations Forum, Creative Production Day and the Design Operations Symposium


Hype vs Reality - How Technology is Transforming Creative Operations

September 27, 13:45PM EDT

The emergence of AI tools, including more recently generative AI, has brought, and will bring, significant change to the creative-making process. 

In this panel discussion, we explore the practical implications of the technologies and attempt to distinguish between the hype surrounding them and their actual value.

Today, marketers are evaluating the effectiveness of new creative power tools in tasks such as campaign conceptualization, graphic design, copywriting, editing and templating. They are seeking ways to leverage these tools while ensuring brand compliance and maintaining quality control.

Fundamental questions still need to be addressed:

  • Where can AI tools provide measurable and valuable optimization within a human-centric creative deliverables process?
  • Where is there still a requirement for human involvement in a completely automated AI-based creative process?

Juliana and her panel of experts welcome you to join them as they delve into this tech revolution.


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HS Creative Ops events are educational and FUN! The generosity of time and expertise of the vendors and presenters is invaluable in helping us grow our business!

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