DAM Europe 2019

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


Choose your Presentation: 'Building the DAM Business Case with Oxfam' or 'Getting Real with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning'

27 June, 15:40PM

Building the DAM Business Case with Oxfam

Apart from being a lighthouse keeper outside Ushuaia and possibly the US presidency, the role of a DAM business case builder is probably the loneliest job in the world. They often work in an environment in which their colleagues haven’t even heard of DAM and only a few can appreciate the benefits. If you add to that mix a global charity organisation such as Oxfam, with its complicated, de-centralised governance structure, pressured budgets and a myriad of widely supported legacy systems, being tasked with building the business case for a DAM is a scary prospect. 

Wouter Fransen shares his experience in navigating the many obstacles on the road as he builds his case to secure funding and lay the foundation for the organisational structure essential for any transformational project. He will share key insights, tips and tricks - from demonstrating existing weaknesses and potential benefits to leveraging diplomatic skills to shift people’s perspective. Attending the session will help you - both tactically and strategically –build your own business case for either purchasing a new solution or justifying additional investment in an existing system. And….. to never feel lonely again.   


Getting Real with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML are important tools for media management, and they are creating a lot of buzz. But it can be hard to tell what a service is actually offering. And it can be even harder to know if this is going to be helpful for your collection’s needs. In this presentation, we’ll start with a structural analysis of the types of services in the market, so that you can better understand what each one is good for.  

We will then take a look at actual tags that are applied to a large collection of images at various confidence levels. You’ll also see how you can run your own images through a Google Cloud Vision to evaluate its usefulness in your own particular circumstance.


Speaker: Building the DAM Business Case with Oxfam

Speaker: Getting Real with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)