Creative Production New York 2023 has now ended. Thank you to all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and partners who made this year’s event a true celebration of all things Creative Production.
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We are delighted to announce the inaugural ‘Creative Production New York’ conference - dedicated to The World of Creative Production.

Time, Cost, and Quality are the three essential pillars that support excellence in creative production. All are comprehensively covered in keynotes, talks and panel discussions. 

There is no doubt that ‘creative remains king’. It’s what grabs and retains attention. It creates the desire to know more and to engage. 

Excellence is what is wanted at every stage of content production and in every part of the work – excellence and the ability to deliver at pace are what determine success.

Join the community to network, learn, share and collaborate.

When advanced technology supports human creativity, the opportunities are endless – it’s the story of humanity. Creative production writes a new chapter.


Who should attend?

Creative Production Directors and Managers; Content Production Directors and Managers, Studio Directors and Managers; Marketing Production Team Leaders and Coordinators; Project Managers, and Creative Production Solution Providers


Covered in Creative Production New York are:

  • Stepping up to deliver in a sustainable way
  • Dynamic control of the creative workflow
  • Nurturing ‘creative vibe’
  • Communication and collaboration: production at the top table
  • Effective resourcing: don’t fall short when you need to move fast
  • The case for automation – when, where, how and why   
  • Increasing capacity: delivering increased volume quality assets while staying on budget

And there’s more! Co-Located Events covering Creative Operations, Photo Studio Operations and Design Operations.

To enable us to bring you more in-depth content and allow you to network with even more of your peers, alongside Creative Production New York 2023 we are hosting three further events for the creative industry, all held under one roof on May 25.  

Choose to join us at:
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What others say

HS Creative Production events provide me with the opportunity to meet creative minds from different fields, facing similar everyday working process realities.

Robert Kot

HS Creative Production events allowed me to connect and hear from many creative influencers overseeing marketing, operations, and video production. The discussions and content provided me with many tips and ideas to share with my teams.

Kimberly Joyce

HS Creative Production events are the place for creatives! They provided me with numerous opportunities to network and learn new concepts.

Angel Kumanov
Film Student