Creative Operations New York 2020

Making Creative Work Better


The Challenges of In-Housing and Getting the Best out of an Agency Eco-System

April 15, 11:20 AM

In-housing is the buzzword of 2020. The big question is what should marketeers in-house, and maybe the answer is nothing?

Every brand needs a bespoke solution and to analyze how in-housing fits the overall agency eco-system, and the needs of the business. Finding the right balance is key.

Part of the decision-making process should be a very detailed analysis of the opportunities and challenges involved in setting up in-house teams or agencies. We will be asking the expert panel questions such as  “How do you get the right talent?”; “What are the operational challenges of setting up in-house teams?” and “How will you get teams with the right capabilities and build agile processes that allow for data-driven marketing and real-time optimization?”.

Whatever it is you are planning to do it should lead to better creative output.

Setting up a new agency eco-system, or in-house teams and agencies, is one thing, but continuously maximising the value of your agencies, be it in-house or external agencies, is another challenge. We will also be discussing how independently run 360 Appraisals help to build long lasting client agency relationships and how this leads to better work. 


What others say

Opened my eyes to opportunities for improvement and really exposed blind spots…I feel confident I can get what I need from co-workers and senior teams to succeed in my role.

Brittany Harman

"Excellent opportunity to network and brainstorm with peers facing similar challenges in this space!"

Heidi Richert

This is an ideal opportunity to learn how others are tackling the operations in their company, be thought partners and share learnings.

Kelly Borghello
Capital One