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The Henry Stewart DAM Webinar Series

Henry Stewart is developing a wide range of live, interactive complimentary webinars for our DAM community. Each webinar will last 45 - 60 minutes and include time for questions. Details on our upcoming webinars are posted below.

Remember: you can catch up on all of our past webinars with our archived recordings.

Upcoming webinars:


DAM Planning for Long-Term Success: The Ultimate Checklist
Tuesday February 27


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These days, digital asset management (DAM) is so much more than simple asset storage. With the dawn of big-data - and the desire to use it to drive business success - it is fundamentally important your DAM provides data you can rely on and trust.  

If you're in the market for/have recently chosen a DAM vendor/or your existing DAM is in need of a tune-up - this webinar is a must attend. Over  the course of the hour, we will discuss the five pillars of successful digital asset management (Analyze > Implement, Integrate, Change, Maintain) and how you can harness their power today to avoid the most common pitfalls and get the most out of your DAM.


Todd Eckler, CRO, Northplains
Lauren Espiritu-Philson, Founder, Percent Gray



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Northplains is the industry leader in digital asset management solutions. Our suite of SaaS and On-Premise digital asset management technologies assist users in working better, smarter - and faster -  throughout the content lifecycle.  

Our award-winning technology streamlines production, enables single-click syndication and powers omnichannel deployment while improving internal collaboration, brand consistency, and ROI.



Automating your DAM workflows
Thursday March 8


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Getting through your days where every minute is packed with projects and meetings is difficult and it becomes helpful and even necessary to automate parts of your workflow and tasks in order to keep your head above water. Leveraging automation in your Digital Asset Management platform plays a big part in decreasing your time to market, and increasing user adoption and ROI on your DAM. But I don't have the budget for development of custom workflows, you say? Good thing there are some great workflow tricks you can implement that don't require any development work. In this webinar, we will discuss ways in which you can automate your DAM workflows without needing the skill or budget for custom development.


Amy Chan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Extensis
Spencer Harris, Content & Project Management Professional, CyanGate



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For over a decade, Extensis has developed powerful digital asset management solutions for creative and digital workgroups in global scale organizations to smaller agencies. With Extensis Portfolio customers are up and running in days, delivering immediate benefits and ROI. Extensis has propelled DAM forward with the integration of Artificial Intelligence into Extensis Portfolio, using image recognition technology to automate keywording.



DAM Creative Empowerment – Demand What You Bought
Wednesday April 25


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Buying enterprise level DAM software is a unique challenge. It requires a high degree of IT knowledge to understand the technical requirements that goes into the implementation, yet it’s procured for people with little technical knowledge; creatives. Creatives typically have a minority voice through the buying and implementation process and consequently are often disappointed with the end result, as what they were told they were getting is often unclear, misleading, not particularly helpful to their day-to-day needs, or not even possible. But, creatives and end-users in general do have a voice – a critically important voice that in many respects determines the ultimate success or failure of the DAM initiative itself. As DAM becomes more pervasive and technologically complex, users will need to exert their voice to ensure they’re getting what they need and what they’re paying for. 

This webinar will focus on how creative users can be clear from the beginning about their requirements and how to vet potential vendors to ensure they purchase the right solution. It will also explain some key actions necessary during the implementation stage to ensure that when the DAM is rolled out that marketing, IT and creatives are all happy. 


Francisco Ruiz, SVP Practice Development, EMMsphere
Amanda Eldridge, Director – Alliances US, censhare


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censhare’s universal, smart content management software supplies a content and marketing platform to global brands. The best-of-breed applications for collaboration, DAM, PIM, omnichannel CMS and MRM create time relevant digital experiences from real-time information. Information centric business processes supply employees, partners, customers and prospects, wherever and whenever required, without media or process gaps with the content they need.


EMMsphere is an end-to-end marketing technology consulting and managed services provider. 

EMMsphere helps organizations define, execute and expand transformational marketing initiatives by focusing on just the right blend of technology, people and process. We provide advisory, implementation, ongoing platform support, training and help desk services that ensure our client’s goals and their marketing solutions are always in perfect alignment.

We believe success is not all about technology. It’s really about the practical application of technology to solve every-day business challenges. Since 2003, we’ve helped over 40 Fortune 500 companies manage transformational change by delivering ongoing solution optimization and end-user care.