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Tax Relief Tips - for property developers, owners and occupiers

Introducing a recorded online series of briefings led by specialists from AECOM’s Fiscal Incentives team – the world’s leading infrastructure firm:

  • Paul Farey, Director, Asset Advisory
  • Timothy Jackson, Director, Head of Fiscal Incentives
  • Phil Mackintosh, Associate Director, Fiscal Incentives
  • Rima Khera, Associate and R&D Lead, Fiscal Incentives

This series features tax reliefs that enhance the bottom-line profitability and improve cashflow.  Focusing on a case study to illustrate each briefing, the content highlights key areas of how adopting a tax-friendly approach to property works, how to avoid unforeseeable losses in entitlements, how to identify potential allowances which may improve working capital and, importantly, how to maximise on the post-tax position, enhancing the appeal to funders and investors.


  • Over 20 ways to improve working capital by saving tax
  • Recent changes to tax relief provisions
  • Recent changes to Capital Allowances and cash benefits
  • Land Remediation Relief – opportunities for developers and investors, and optimising returns to increase the appeal of investment
  • Research and Development – tax credits for innovation in design and construction
  • Bottom line – minimising tax without avoidance or evasion

Sign up for this series and receive the following:

  • Three detailed sessions full of hard data, policy and expert interpretation:
    • How tax is levied – impact of tax reliefs and allowances
    • Opportunities to mitigate the impact of VAT
    • Capital Allowances for plant and machinery fixtures – the cash benefits and what these mean for property development and ownership
    • Structures and Buildings Allowances – how the relief works and what qualifies
    • Lease incentives – how to maximise benefits – from the perspective of both landlord and tenant
    • Land Remediation Relief – how the relief can make unattractive sites viable for developers and investors
    • R&D Allowances, Tax Relief and Expenditure Credit – how players in the property sector can access the benefits
  • Reference is made throughout the briefings to a case study, demonstrating the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of projects and the tax saving opportunities.  No important area is overlooked.

Pricing and how to register

Fees for the 3-part course: £299 + VAT. Click here to register.

This course is included in the on-demand property course package. Register and get access to 16 on-demand courses for a heavily reduced rate of £1,499+VAT. Usual price of £3,284+VAT now discounted by 55% for a limited period. To avail of this package simply register using the link above and select the ‘Full Access to the On-Demand Course Package’ option.

About the series:

Using tax reliefs for property development, investment and trading can significantly enhance the bottom line and release valuable cash.  The tax impact on development is often left to the last moment when it can be too late to recover the full benefits.  Forward planning is crucial.

Knowing what you can and cannot recover is important.  Change is perpetual.  Keeping abreast of new opportunities is vital.  Now, more than ever, there are issues that must be addressed without delay, including:

  • Tax savings on current and future expenditure.  Historic expenditure should also be reviewed.
  • Capital Allowances including the Structures and Buildings Allowances that incentivise investors and developers.  Hear what qualifies and what savings can be made?
  • Regeneration of brownfield sites for Land Remediation Relief.
  • VAT and mitigation of input tax – including the new domestic reverse charge and the impact on the supply chain.
  • Research and Development in the construction sector.
  • Recent changes in legislation and predictions of future policy.

An essential briefing for property developers, construction teams, surveyors, investors, planners, advisors and consultants to the sector.


For a full breakdown of each session please click here.

Session 1: Taxation and Property/VAT
Session 2: Capital Allowances
Session 3: Land Remediation Relief/R&D Credits