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Nursing and Care Homes: Values and Finance

Funding ownership and operations going forward

Values: capital and rental values, market activity – purchases and sales; investment; going concern and alternative use values; site values and development

Finance: availability, sources and terms, investment and operations, refinance

We don’t have to tell you how important it now is to know what’s really happening in the market and what is possible. Our role is to bring you hard data and quality analysis – what you need to make wise decisions for the short, medium and long-term. This on-demand series covers:

  • Current values – ahead of what’s expected or on track?
  • The impact of COVID-19 – long, medium and short-term
  • Market dynamics – who’s buying, who’s investing, who’s developing?
  • Funding sources – traditional bank lending or attractive alternative options?
  • Working with local authorities – the supply and demand matrix and changes to the CCG commissioning strategy
  • Rent reviews and lease renewals – including sale and leaseback
  • Joint venture and partnering opportunities in the current market
  • Lease terms and structures – current practice and trends
  • Alternative use options and extracting value

Pricing and how to register

Fees for the 4-part course: £299 + VAT. Click here to register

Sign up for this series and receive the following:

  • Four detailed on-demand briefing sessions – robust data and expert interpretation
  • No important area is overlooked. What’s really happening in the market. Trends, forecasts and market movements
  • Each session is 75 minutes

About the series:

This on-demand series of four detailed briefings examines what’s happening on the ground in the nursing and care home sectors and studies trends in the market, supply and demand, values and available funding options. It provides hard facts on who’s buying what, who’s developing where and why, and particularly the challenges for both landlords and tenants in the current market. This on-demand series is aimed at all those involved in ownership, operation, valuation, funding, sale and purchase; their agents and advisors.


For a full breakdown of each session please click here.

Session 1: Values & Who's Buying
Session 2: Sources and Terms of Funding & Working with Local Authorities
Session 3: Rents and Lease Terms & Handling a Close Down
Session 4: The Impact of Regulation on Operations & Planning to Meet Challenges