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How Much is my Hotel Worth NOW

An on-demand series of briefings led by a team of specialist experts:

  • Jane Lees, Executive Director and Head of Hotels Valuation EMEA, CBRE Hotels
  • Philip Camble, Director, Whitebridge Hospitality Ltd
  • Elizabeth Chen, Digital Strategist, Google
  • Ian Elliott, Principal, Avison Young Hotels
  • Julian Kemp, Senior Director, Advisory Services, CBRE Hotels
  • Shaun Roy, Partner, Knight Frank 
  • Julia Wyss, Associate Director, Investment Properties & Advisory, CBRE Hotels

This online market briefing examines the hotel industry and those supporting and servicing it who have taken a big hit. It’s been challenging. It IS challenging. However, the industry is resilient and creative. It is time for hard facts, clear thinking and good planning. This online series of insights will highlight serious issues and cover the very real ‘what is happening now’ facts and focus on what to do ‘to be ready to get back up and running’ when lockdown is over.

Including: demand; who’s buying; who’s selling; what’s happening with values; managing the asset; what’s changed and what WILL change following COVID-19

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  • Five detailed sessions full of hard data and expert interpretation covering:
    • How have values been affected by COVID-19 or is it too early to say?
    • How will values be impacted in the short to short-to-medium term time-frame?
    • What are the implications for leased hotels?
    • Why how the asset is managed is more crucial now than ever before
    • Will investment still come through – who’s buying, who’s selling what and why?
    • Let’s look beyond today to the future …

Pricing and how to register

Fees for the 5-part course: £299 + VAT. Click here to register. 

About this online market briefing:

Hotels have always performed as an investment class well and are established as an important ‘alternatives’ asset class of interest but with a hit such as a global pandemic, what is the likely impact on this stable sector?  Will the success story continue?  Perhaps more so than ever, there are many issues that must be addressed including:

  • Performance measurements/data gathering – what is the brand worth now and likely to be worth in the future, and how will brands fair in a COVID-19 world?
  • Can we learn from today how to plan for the return of the virus and/or other risks?
  • Implications for alternative use, refurbishment plans, upgrading and new build decisions in the future
  • Are there still investment deals to be had – who’s interested in buying and selling what and why – even in the current time, is the hotel asset class holding its own compared to other asset classes?
  • Asset management – how easy is this in the light of unprecedented events and how can you ensure the investment is keeping up performance?
  • The debt market picture
  • Adapting the asset and reinventing the wheel for the short term – working closely with the NHS to create staff and hospital space: contracts, planning and health and safety measures
  • Where’s investment and finance coming from now – and where’s it likely to come from in the future?

This online briefing is designed to focus the minds of those who are investing in the sector, those who provide legal advice, those who value and asset manage, and independent, franchised and branded hoteliers, agents and advisors.


For a full breakdown of each session please click here.

Session 1: Measuring brand value and performance and its relevance to the hotel’s worth
Session 2: What’s my hotel worth?
Session 3: Capital markets
Session 4: Asset management – crucial now more than ever before
Session 5: Accessing the value of the site and when to redevelop or refurbish