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Session 1: UK Real Estate Debt market, policy briefing and impact of LIBOR transition to SONIA

Chair: Heather Buttle, Partner, Real Estate Finance, Taylor Wessing LLP

The UK Real Estate Debt Market – what the current situation tells us

  • The UK Debt Market – where was it …  where is it now … what is its trajectory?
  • The data and what the figures indicate
  • Pricing, leverage
  • CRE market and what will happen with CRE debt – is it all down to COVID-19 or are there other factors at play?
  • The very real impact of Brexit

Josh Abrahams, Senior Analyst, Debt Advisory, Knight Frank Capital Advisory


Post-COVID-19, post-Brexit and where next for Government policy on property?

  • COVID-19 – what space do, and will, occupiers want?
  • The world as and after vaccination is rolled out
  • Property in the COVID-19 economic recovery – the where and when effects
  • Government intervention and ‘leave it to the market’ inaction

Ion Fletcher, Director of Policy (Finance), British Property Federation


Implications of the transition from LIBOR to SONIA by end of 2021

  • Implications for existing loans
  • Understanding SONIA pricing for new loans and refinancing 
  • The impact of negaitive interest rates

Fred Cleary, Partner, Pegasus Capital

Session 2: Residential and Student Accommodation finance 

Chair: Heather Buttle, Partner, Real Estate Finance, Taylor Wessing LLP

Finance for residential – development, owner occupation and rental

  • Options to obtain finance:
    • Who’s lending on what, to whom and for how long?
    • Is negotiation likely to be fruitful in the current market?
    • Current typical loan terms
  • Options for developers and lenders in joint ventures
  • What’s available in long-term funding

Arthur Jennings, Managing Director, Fortwell Capital Limited


Finance for student accommodation – sources and terms of funding

  • After years of expansion, has interest waned?
    • Investment trends
    • Possible growth opportunities?
    • Where, if anywhere, is demand still high and, if so, what’s driving it?
  • Sources of finance for development and investment:
    • What’s available at what cost?
    • The likely terms, duration and risk vs reward
  • Who’s providing finance and who’s prepared to be a joint venture partner?

Tom France, Senior Vice President, Development, Round Hill Capital

Session 3: Hotel, Leisure and CRE finance 

Chair: Heather Buttle, Partner, Real Estate Finance, Taylor Wessing LLP

Hotel & leisure finance – sources and terms of funding … for what, for whom

  • Market data and dynamics:
    • What’s happening on the ground
    • The key drivers
  • What finance is possible:
    • For what purposes
    • On what terms
    • What happens if interest rates rise?
  • The market in pandemic recovery:
    • What’s likely in terms of securing finance in the short to medium-term?
    • Where will new capital come from?
  • Ensuring liquidity, solvency and ‘financeability’ at all times – easier said than done in the current climate?
  • The importance of building a good relationship with the management teams

Finance for commercial investment – offices

  • Lessons from the past – life does go on
  • Signals of recovery
  • Timescales to expect

Miles Auger, Senior Director, CBRE Hotels
Sarah Green, 
Dr Nicole Lux
, Senior Research Fellow, Cass Business School
Shaun Talbot, 
Senior Director, Clydesdale Bank

Session 4: Commercial investment in alternative asset classes – industrial, logistics, primary care and select retail.  What role for overseas finance? 

Chair: Heather Buttle, Partner, Real Estate Finance, Taylor Wessing LLP
Discussion moderator: Adam Tyler, Executive Chairman, FIBA

Finance for commercial investment – industrial and logistics

Finance for primary care property and care homes

Finance for retail and town centres, including for re-purposing the unlettable

Overseas sources of funding

  • How much is still there and for what?
  • Who are the investors?
  • In a post-COVID-19 economy:
    • The art of locating the niche buyer
    • The UK property market is still a safe zone for overseas investors
    • Where’s the interest and what’s it for?

Heather Buttle, Partner, Real Estate Finance, Taylor Wessing LLP
Scott Marshall, Managing Director, Roma Finance
Adrian Moloney, Group Sales Director, OneSavings Bank
Stephen Todd, Co-founder, VAS Group