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Session 1

Understanding the service provider models and practice issues: implications for practice revenues, partnership structures and the incomes of equity partners

  • How has primary care changed in recent years?
  • Can the partnership model survive? Is the partnership agreement robust or flawed? 
  • Retirement of GPs 
  • Recruitment & succession planning 
  • Composition of partnerships 
  • Impact of Primary Care Networks 
  • ICS/ICBs 
  • Premises Directions 

Adam Thompson, Director, Primary Care Surveyors
Dr Mark 
Gaffney, Senior Partner, Chairman of the Victoria Medical Centre and Clinical Director of the Victoria PCN 


Session 2

Review of premises 

  • What is the primary care estate like? 
  • Is the current estate fit for purpose – fit for the increasing role of technology and digital? Fit for a post-COVID-19 world? 
  • What has changed? 
  • Confidentiality 
  • Infection control – lessons from COVID-19 
  • New build opportunities – balancing patient and staff experience through design and specification 
  • Footfall 
  • Patients’ acceptance of new ways 

Adam Thompson, Director, Primary Care Surveyors
Gareth Jenkins
, Director and Architect, studio four architects ltd


Session 3

Development and redevelopment opportunities and site values 

  • Requirement for new premises 
  • What size? 
  • How much does a new medical centre cost? 
  • NHS approval process 
  • Methods of ownership of premises 
  • Lease or own – third party landlord; where partners own the freehold of the practice premises 
  • What lease terms 
  • Asset versus liability 
  • Creating space for long-term value 
  • Investor appetite – deals recently done – returns – outlook and opportunities 
  • How major investors react to shocks like COVID-19 and the attack on Ukraine. Lessons from past events 
  • Banking appetite for the primary care sector 
  • Alternative use values and opportunities
  • Anticipating the future
  • Interest rates and inflation

Adam Thompson, Director, Primary Care Surveyors
Jon Webb, Development Director, Assura PLC