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Session 1: Planning and the COVID-19 crisis

Louise Samuel (Partner) and Victoria McKeegan (Senior Associate) 

This session will consider the Coronavirus Act 2020 and virtual planning committee regulations and relevant guidance:

  • How LPAs are adapting to the COVID-19 crisis to include considering:
    • Progressing applications
    • Publicising applications
    • Delegated powers
    • Virtual committees
    • Practicalities of discharging LPAs functions (e.g. issuing permissions/ discharge notices/ executing and completing s106 agreements etc)
  • Keeping planning permissions alive during the lockdown – working with relevant stakeholders
  • Section 106 agreements – force majeure and COVID-19 drafting

Session 2: Planning Appeals and Local Plan/Neighbourhood Plan Examinations

Mary Cook (Barrister) and Spencer Tewis-Allen (Senior Associate) 

  • Planning Appeal and Local Plan/Neighbourhood Plan strategy
  • PINS Arrangements for Planning Appeals and Examinations during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Practitioner perspectives/experiences of proactively managing Appeals and Examinations during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Reflections on the impacts of the Rosewell reforms to planning inquiries

Session 3: A thorough examination of key Planning Case Law and Policy/Regulatory Update, including:

Clare Fielding (Partner) and Paul Arnett (Associate) 

Case law:

  • Section 73 – LB Lambeth v SSHCLG [2019] and Finney v Welsh Ministers [2019]
  • Material considerations – R (on the application of Wright) v Resilient Energy Severndale Ltd & Anor [2019]  
  • Green Belt – R (Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster) & Ors) v North Yorkshire County Council [2020]
  • NPPF tilted balance – Wavendon v SSHCLG [2019], Monkhill Ltd v SSHCLG [2019], Paul Newman New Homes Ltd v SSHCLG [2019]
  • EIA, Habitats, and SEA – C-461/17 Holohan [2019], R (Squire) v Shropshire [2019], R (FoE) v SSHCLG [2019]R (Berks, Bucks and Oxon WT) v SSfT (2019)

Policy and Legislation:

  • CIL Regulations
  • The Government’s Planning for the Future and Planning White Paper
  • Revisions to NPPF and PPG
  • Building Better, Building Beautiful Report

Session 4: Brexit – implications for Planning of the UK’s future relationship with the EU with a particular emphasis on planning environmental issues

Simon Ricketts (Partner) and Ricardo Gama (Senior Associate) 

This session will consider:

  • EIA
  • SEA
  • Habitats
  • Biodiversity net gains principle
  • The Environment Bill and the creation of the OEP watchdog
  • Deal or no-deal scenarios and implications for planning

Session 5: CPO and DCO case law and policy update

Raj Gupta (Partner) and Paul Arnett (Associate) 

A thorough examination of key CPO and DCO case law and policy updates including:

Case law:

  • Certificates of Appropriate Alternative Development – SSfT v Curzon Park Ltd & Ors [2020], Pro Investments Ltd LB Hounslow [2019], Reeves v SSfT & Bolsover District Council [2019] 
  • Extinguishment – 599 Developments Ltd v NNB Generation Co (HPC) Ltd [2019]
  • Material Detriment – Anixter Ltd v SSfT [2019]
  • PSED and Human Rights – Burgos & Amayo v SSHCLG & Haringey LBC [2019]   
  • Crichel Down Rules – R (Charlesworth) v Crossrail Ltd [2019]   
  • DCO – R (Plan B Earth) v SSfT [2020] and Sawkill v Highways England Company Ltd [2020]

Policy and Legislation:

  • Updates to CPO Guidance
  • Emerging National Infrastructure Strategy
  • CPO Register
  • Temporary Possession and Interest rate provisions