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Session 1

Planning and COVID-19 – where are we?

  • Business and Planning Act 2020
    • Extended life of expiring planning permissions
    • Flexibility in the determination of planning appeals
  • CIL and s106 – payment flexibility

Expansion of Permitted Development Rights (currently subject to judicial review) – where are we and how much of a practical difference will they make to developers?

  • Upwards extensions to blocks of flats
  • Constructing new flats above existing buildings
  • Demolition and rebuild

Trevor Ivory, UK Head of Planning, DLA Piper UK LLP
Tom Alder, Partner, Real Estate, Lester Aldridge
Marianne Ironside, 
Planning Solicitor, Lester Aldridge

Session 2

Change of use and the latest on Use Classes Order – what’s possible

  • The deregulation of the planning system
    • Changes to the Use Classes Order and General Permitted Development Order
    • How to make use of deregulation at national and local government level
    • The scope and impact of the changes
    • The impact on people, places and profit

The new Class E (currently subject to judicial review)

The impact of changes on other new Use Classes

Ian Graves, Legal Director, Planning and Land Use team, DLA Piper LLP 

Session 3

Planning for the future – crucial planning policy changes and further reforms – what these mean for development opportunities

  • Planning reforms – what we know and where might we might end up
    • Is the 30 month Local Plan possible? 
    • Can Design Codes be effective for prior approval?
    • What might the Infrastructure Levy end up looking like? 
    • What will be the extent of local communities’ involvement in the new system?
  • Identifying growth areas and site potential
    • Where is the revised standardised housing need methodology going?
    • Where are the potential growth areas going to be?
    • Where are we heading on the redevelopment of industrial land? 
    • How will first homes change the affordable housing landscape?

Nick Ireland, Director, Iceni Projects
Jamie Sullivan, 
Director, Iceni Project

Session 4: 

Listed Building Consent and Heritage – important new developments in policy and practice including key White Paper considerations

  • Listed Building Consent
    • Latest developments and changes
    • Framework and policy
    • White Paper considerations
  • Heritage Assets – a planning liability or opportunity?
    • Policy and case law update – what does the framework look like? 
    • How to approach sites with Heritage Assets – best practice in the planning process
    • Where are we going – Heritage in the White Paper?
    • Building Beautiful 
      • ‘Beauty’ in Policy: what does it actually mean, and what does the White Paper and the Commission want it to mean? 
      • What does ‘Beauty’ mean for the planning system?  
      • Achieving and demonstrating ‘Beauty’: the Design Review and Design Coding

Trevor Ivory, UK Head of Planning, DLA Piper UK LLP
Gill Eaton, Associate, Planning, Iceni Projects
Laurie Handcock, 
Director, Built Heritage and Townscape, Iceni Projects