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Session 1: Measuring brand value (especially now) and performance and its relevance to the hotel’s worth

  • Branded vs non-branded – the implications for values
  • What impact could branding have on a hotel post-COVID-19?
  • Driving up performance – does it matter about the management structure or whether the hotel is a brand or not?  The difference the alternative arrangements make to value
         - Selection criteria of brands
         - What do brands look for?
         - Are there real benefits in the interest?
         - What are the options?
         - What are my likely returns?
  • What impact is COVID-19 having on deals and development projects – status update on current projects
  • Data gathering – how to use and benefit from performance data
  • Market drivers and engines of change
  • Asset management – ensuring the investment is keeping up performance

Session 2: What’s my hotel worth?

The material valuation uncertainty clause.  Are valuations worth the paper they are written on?

  • Is valuing different now compared to during and following the Global Financial Crisis downturn?
  • How to value during the lockdown period – can you rely on a desk top valuation?
  • Valuation trends post-COVID-19
  • Will current government actions save the day?
  • The winners and losers – operational vs leased model, city vs region and budget vs luxury
  • What is the future of ground rent deals?
  • Who’s buying – why, where and at what return
  • Short term tactics that can enhance revenue and value

Session 3: Capital markets

  • Who’s buying and who’s selling?  What and why?
  • What the market looks like and where is the money coming from?
  • Is COVID-19 going to see a fundamental change to the market?
  • How tricky is gaining access to funding?

Session 4: Asset management – crucial now more than ever before

  • The role of the Asset Manager in the operations’ value chain – more important now than ever before?
  • The position today and the impact of COVID-19 on managing the asset:
         - The opportunities …?
         - The challenges …?
         - … and there will be winners and losers
  • What happens next?

Session 5: Accessing the value of the site and when to redevelop or refurbish

How to value a site’s full potential and how it’s different from valuing an existing asset

  • Unlocking the full potential of the site
  • When is an opportunity worth more redeveloped/repurposed?
  • Risk vs target returns
  • Leverage
  • Criteria for deciding whether to refurbish and/or reposition