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Session 1

The Expert Witness in English Law – Expert, Witness and Not an Advocate 

  • The Legal Framework: CPR Part 35, Practice Direction 35, Guidance for the Instruction of Experts in Civil Claims 2014 and case law
  • What is expert evidence? 
  • When will expert evidence be allowed?   
  • Different types of experts – The role of the single joint expert and assessors
  • Experts’ core duties  
  • Role of an expert versus that of an advocate 

What makes an Expert Witness credible? 

  • The importance of instructions
  • Writing a credible expert report 
  • Dealing with the other side – Part 35 Questions and Joint Statements 
  • How judges evaluate evidence and resolve differences between experts in practice
  • Tips for getting on the right (versus the wrong) side of the judge at trial
  • Added challenges - Remote hearings and hot tubbing  

Mandatory rules – review of ‘the role’ 

  • Ikarian Reefer
  • Case law  
  • CPR part 35, PD to Part 35 + tribunal-specific rules  

Camilla Lamont, Barrister of Landmark Chambers
David Holland
, King’s Counsel and Joint Head of Landmark Chambers

Session 2

Handling the appointment process 

  • Overview of what is required 
  • Relevant experience and expertise 
  • Conflict check 
  • Confirmation of instructions letter 
    - Definition of role 
    - Definition of instructions / key questions  
    - Information to be provided 
    - Remuneration – basis  
    - Timings 
    - Terms of Business 

Due diligence 

  • Documents 
  • Site inspection     
  • Note taking  
  • Photographs 
  • File keeping 
  • Assisting the legal team 

Report writing    

  • Structure and format / model forms 
  • Mandatory content 
  • Suggested content and formatting 
  • Final checks 
  • Supplementary reports 

Sarah Fellows, Director, Savills
Sebastian Deckker, Director, Savills

Session 3

Discussions and exchanges between experts 

  • Without prejudice  
  • Timings 
  • Purpose 
  • Agenda 
  • Location 
  • Format (chair, assistants, legal support) 
  • Joint Statements 

Giving evidence in court 

  • Preparation 
  • Format and process 
  • Questioning process 
  • Other issues (e.g.: Purdah)  

Building a reputation and demand 

  • Experience, assisting 
  • Courses, registers 
  • Judgments 

Sarah Fellows, Director, Savills 
Sebastian Deckker, Director, Savills