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Dilapidations Essentials

This detailed three-part online series provides top dilapidations management tips for landlords, tenants and professionals who deal with acquisition, management, and disposal of leasehold property.

Co-presented by Gillian Murray, Associate Director and Head of Dilapidations at AECOM and Richard Webber, Partner and Head of Property Disputes at RLS Law, the course provides a comprehensive, practical briefing on the nuts and bolts of dilapidations – from initial acquisition, throughout occupation to disposal and lease termination. It also addresses negotiation strategies and dispute resolution.

Designed to bring you completely up-to-speed on the often complex and grey areas of dilapidations, the series looks at landlord and tenant rights and obligations and highlights the key means of ensuring successful dilapidations management, including important legal requirements and case law. 

A series for owners and occupiers of tenanted commercial and mixed use property, property managers, investors, asset managers, financiers, legal advisors and real estate advisers.

The series:

  • In three detailed sessions, this series covers:
    • Tenure considerations when acquiring leasehold premises
    • Detailed analyses of the key dilapidations clauses
    • The importance of dilapidations due diligence on investment and acquisition
    • Knowing and managing your lease obligations and rights – from both the tenant’s and landlord’s perspectives
    • Lease end dilapidations strategies
    • Negotiation principles for resolving disputes
    • The many practical and legal complications
    • What often falls through the net
  • ​Sessions of 75 minutes each

Pricing and how to register

Fees for the 3-part course: £299 + VAT. Click here to register. 


For a full breakdown of each session please click here.

Session 1: Pre-Lease Considerations

Session 2: Mid-Lease Considerations

Session 3: Lease Exit Considerations