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Session 1: 

Getting Started – The Fundamentals

  • What the developer’s role is​
  • What cannot be delegated
  • Knowing a little about a lot of issues
  • The cost of using experts
  • Understanding the influences that must be juggled: occupier demand, site availability, planning constraints, finance, professional fees and construction costs, legal rights and obligations
  • Making decisions, the developer’s principal responsibility

Planning consent – The Key to Value Uplift - but Primary Source of Frustration for Most Developers

  • The concept of development
  • When is planning permission required?
  • Planning applications and appeals
  • Costs of pre-application consultation, applying and appealing
  • Financial and other enforceable agreements with and undertakings to local authorities
  • Planning officers and councillors; what they do and don’t do and how to interact with them
  • Environmental appraisals

Finding and Acquiring Sites

  • How sites are found. Where and how to look
  • Investigations before purchase
  • Outright acquisition, conditional contracts and options
  • How much to pay – residual valuations and comparable evidence
  • Local, district and regional plans. Monitoring changes to plans
  • Contamination risks
  • Land zoned for planning and white land
  • Uses and density considerations

Dan Mitchell
, Planning Director, Barton Willmore, now Stantec

Kevin Hunt, Senior Director - Development & Planning, BNP Paribas Real Estate


Session 2: 

The Development Team – Who are They? What do They Actually Do? How do you Manage Them?

  • Leadership – a vital ingredient, but who is to be the leader? 
  • Managing your team to deliver your project, not the last one they did
  • Management of stakeholders, especially the negative ones 
  • Reputation counts for nothing – track records do

Design and Construction

  • Who does what
  • The pre-site plan
  • Once-on-site management
  • What happens after practical completion
  • Alternative structures
  • Cost control
  • Monitoring and controlling progress
  • Dispute resolution
  • Defining completion
  • The involvement of funders and pre-let occupiers
  • Health and safety issues
  • Satisfying building regulators


  • The role of the agent
  • Exploring the options
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Phasing
  • Marketing tools
  • Marketing costs
  • Selecting agents; agreeing fees
  • Liaison with lawyers
  • Selling the completed development 

Dan Mitchell
, Planning Director, Barton Willmore, now Stantec

Bradley Carter
, Development Director, The Pickstock Group


Session 3: 


  • Nature of valuation and why it is fundamental to property development – why, how and when should valuations be done? By whom?
  • Concept of residual valuation
  • Assembling and verifying essential data - rents and yields
    - construction costs
    - professional fees
    - finance charges
  • Checks and balances
    - setting the ‘right’ developer’s profit
    - scenario testing and sensitivity analysis
    - DCF
  • Market volatility and its effect
    - changes in interest rates
    - construction costs
    - cost of delays
    - void periods
    - changes in occupier demand and investment demand
  • Monitoring cash flow and budget
    - Use of contingencies
    - Dealing with cost overruns      
    - Provisional sums           
    - Rental growth and cost inflation

Dan Mitchell, Planning Director, Barton Willmore, now Stantec

Simon Wainwright, Managing Director, JPW Real Estate


Session 4: 

The Legal Agreements

  • The purpose of legal documents 
  • The suite of agreements and the contractual matrix
  • How project insurance interacts with the legal documentation
  • Dealing with development and construction risk
  • Design and construct building contracts
  • Key issues on pre-let agreements

So, What Goes Wrong Most Often? How to Avoid the Many Pitfalls. The Art of Maximising Profits 

  • Most frequently made mistakes
  • How to spot the dangers – how to avoid them
  • How to maximise profits
  • Tax planning
  • How to minimise the risks

Financing Development

  • Common methods of funding development and some sources
  • ​Structuring the documentation required
  • Risk and reward in a joint venture partnership and the legal frameworks and documentation

Dan Mitchell
, Planning Director, Barton Willmore, now Stantec

ick Pinder
, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland
Lucy Chadwick
, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland