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Session 1: ​Heads of Terms, length of leases and the Leases Code

  • Ensuring the Heads of Terms are in enough detail, relevant and right for the current market
  • What should be added to the Heads of Terms that can make all the difference to lease negotiation – issues to consider earlier in the process
  • Update to the Lease Code
  • Length of leases and security of tenure – minimising the potential problems down the line when it might be too late to do anything about them
  • Impact of shorter lease terms on both parties

Session 2: Break clauses and Rent Review

  • Break clauses – what’s realistic and what’s not?  What’s achievable and what’s not?
  • Conditionality in Break Clauses
  • Impact of the Lease Code
  • Rent review – a comparative study of the different types of rent review
  • Ways to vary rent and emerging trends
  • Impact of COVID-19

Session 3: ​Alienation & Energy efficiency standards


  • Rights to assign
  • Rights to underlet
  • Occupation sharing provisions
  • Restrictions in the current market and likely trends

Energy efficiency standards:

  • Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) clauses
  • Important compliance in commercial property
  • What further legislation is in the pipeline?

    Session 4: ​Uninsured damage & Service Charges

    Wednesday, 14 October: 10.00-11.15

    Uninsured damage:

    • The impact of agreeing or not agreeing to Uninsured Damage Provisions
    • Negotiation between parties and getting the balance right between tenant and landlord

    Service Charges:

    • A review of the Service Charge Code
    • Service Charge Caps

    4-Part Online Educational Series

    4-Part Online Educational Series