Including: What it would be worth if I developed it, refurbished it or just had an interest in it (e.g. management agreement, franchise agreement or lease)

  • Evidence: who is buying and selling
  • Who is lending and on what terms
  • Actions to increase values
  • Alternative uses

* Detailed *Concise *Comprehensive

Covering every type of hotel from city centre five star to vacation destinations and budget lodges.

This is a briefing on what your hotel (or interest in a hotel is worth).  Opportunities to create and destroy value abound.  The briefing reviews: what you can do to enhance it and how not to reduce it.

The course directors will provide in-depth briefings.  Not to be missed for all independent, franchised and branded hoteliers, investors and funders, their agents and advisors.

Topics include:

  • What’s my hotel worth?
  • Measuring brand value and performance and its relevance to the hotel’s worth
  • Models of ownership and operation and how they can impact value
  • Site values – redevelopment to create a new build hotel vs redevelopment to create a residential/mixed-use vs refurb and upgrade
  • Increasing value through better/more effective marketing
  • Sources and terms of funding for the implementation of strategies 
  • Current trends and ‘what if’ thinking