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Series Summary

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Session 1: What is the History of Workflow Automation and How Can it Help you Scale? 

  • What has cloud done for workflow automation?
  • How has workflow automation matured over the years?
  • How are we seeing tech solve ground level challenges?
  • How are the workflows changing with the rise of tech?

Rana Dutt, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Brian Gavin
, President, globaledit


Session 2: Workflow Automation and Creative Operations

  • Bottlenecks within Creative Operations 
  • Integrated campaign management of Creative Operations 
  • Implementing technology to trigger workflow automation
  • How integrations can fuel workflow automation
  • Importance of including rule exceptions

Brian Gavin, President, globaledit
David Iscove, Lead Creative Technology, Cella


Session 3: What is the Future of Workflow Automation?

  • Where will workflow automation take Creative Operations in the future?
  • Available technology and how it’s applied to Creative Operations
  • Data driven Creative Operations strategy - breaking down barriers to delivery of strategic & performance data to Creative Ops groups
  • Personalization & recommendations
  • How can organizations pivot to integrate automations?
  • How do organizations start with workflow automation if they are still manual?

Rana Dutt, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Brian Gavin
, President, globaledit
David Iscove, Lead Creative Technology, Cella


This series has now ended

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