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The Video for Enterprise Roadshow 2023

The exponential growth of video has quickly become almost standard for communicating with our customers and communities. Traditionally, our DAM systems have been optimized to handle image assets - but this is quickly shifting as organizations struggle to keep up with the rapidly increasing video consumption.

Over four sessions we will examine the DAM technologies that can help you manage your video assets from Production to Distribution and on to Archiving.

The series covers:

  • Is there a world in which my image and video assets exist in a single system?
  • The differences and similarities between traditional DAM and MAM (Media Asset Management)
  • Illustrated throughout with case studies and examples of best practices in managing video
  • Healthily rigorous Q&As in every session

Series Summary

Session 1: Where is Video Management in the Enterprise - the questions you should be asking
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The spotlight is shining on the explosion of video.  No longer is it acceptable for video to be stored on external hard drives, hidden under an editor’s desk or left to be minded by an external agency.  Today, hybrid working exaggerates the challenges of managing big, complicated (valuable) video files efficiently - the question is, are you in control of your video content and workflows?  


Neal Bilow, Managing Partner, Chromata Solutions

Victor LebonLebon Consulting

Philippe Brodeur, Founder & CEO, Overcast


Session 2: Behind the Scenes of Arthrex's Video Production Strategy: Managing Over 1.3 Million Assets to Drive Innovation and Growth 

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Join us for an exciting webinar where we'll explore the world of Arthrex’s in-house video production studios and how they are revolutionizing their education and sales strategy to promote their products. Arthrex, a leader in medical technology, has made video a core part of its strategy to promote the 1000+ innovative products and procedures in creates annually.   

Hear from Zach Weicht, Senior Editor at Arthrex, who will discuss how his company has tackled the challenge of managing its 1.3 million assets and how his team uses proxy based editing workflows to meet the challenging demands of their operation. 

Joining Zach is Backlight Creative's Chief of Product, Mike Szumlinski, who will share insights on how Arthrex leverages metadata and archive workflows for compliance and search and recovery. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of enterprise video production!


Neal Bilow, Managing Partner, Chromata Solutions

Zach Weicht, Senior Editor, Arthrex

Mike Szumlinski, Chief Product Officer, Backlight Creative


Session 3: Airbnb's Video Production: Work From Anywhere, Film From Anywhere, Edit From Anywhere 

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A new world of travel has emerged where now millions of people have gained flexibility in where they live and work. In response to this trend, Airbnb has followed suit in allowing employees to do just that - Live and Work from Anywhere. As a content driven company, this newfound flexibility meant that Airbnb needed newfound tools to allow their Video production teams to do just that - work from anywhere.

Join Hoon Kim, Creative Content Tools Lead for Marketing and Creative Operations,  as he discusses how Airbnb is positioned to transform and re-energize their video content supply chain with creating high quality videos across Airbnb. Learn why Airbnb selected a Media Asset Management (MAM) solution to support their existing DAM system, and how the cloud has helped connect and centralize their assets to allow their teams to work, film and edit from anywhere. 

Hoon will be joined by IPV’s Director of Solution Engineering, Mike Staniforth.  Mike will illustrate how IPV’s Curator can streamline and automate manual tasks that impede the media management workflow, and how the tool can empower remote/hybrid working environments, 

You’ll also learn:

  • Why Airbnb moved production processes into the cloud
  • How Airbnb utilizes media asset management
  • The differences between a MAM and DAM, and why Airbnb uses both
  • How a MAM and DAM can support each other
  • How your brand can leverage these practices for greater revenue and increased asset ROI


Neal Bilow, Managing Partner, Chromata Solutions

Hoon Kim, Creative Content Tools Lead for Marketing and Creative Operations, Airbnb

Mike Staniforth, Director of Solution Engineering, IPV


Session 4: The MAM in 30 Days Challenge

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So you know you need a MAM but are concerned about the long drawn out process, the pages and pages of RFPs, endless grids trying to identify features, the exhausting process and commitment from a time and budget perspective?  When Liana Cave, Senior Director, Content Services, of Hilton and Neal Bilow, Managing Partner of Chromata Solutions joined forces to seek out a new solution for Hilton’s vast growing video needs, they decided this would be an opportunity to break the mould of the traditional RFP, and just like software providers, utilize an agile approach to selecting and implementing a MAM.

Join Liana and Neal, along with Steinar Søreide  on how they broke down the requirements into sizable chunks, tested their use cases and encouraged all of the potential users to participate in a RFP that allowed Hilton to be set for operational mode in 30 days.  Liana will speak about their progress, and a little glimpse into where they are going while Steinar will provide insight into the Mimir solution, developed by Fonn Group company Mjoll.


Neal Bilow, Managing Partner, Chromata Solutions

Liana Cave, Senior Director, Content Services, Hilton

Steinar Søreide, CTO, Mimir


CEO EMEA & AsiaPac
Senior Editor
Director of Solution Engineering
Founder & CEO
Content Production Lead, Marketing & Creative Operations
Chief Product Officer
Backlight Creative

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